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May 20, 2006 08:42 AM

Sushi Yasuda omakase , dinner for 2- $250 ?

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Will $250 be enough for omakase for 2? We have reservations at the bar already. Thanks...

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  1. For most people, that should do it. Basically he keeps serving you until you tell him to stop (I am sure you can tell them in advance how much you want to pay as well so there is no problem).

    I eat like a pig so my omikase costs more (last time I went I had a total of 54 pieces of sushi :)).

    This is going to sound crazy, but the vanilla ice cream is delicious if you want to get dessert there. I have not tried the other desserts...

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    1. re: T. Pigeon

      if you do not mind i have to ask, what did that sushi blowout at YASUDA cost ya????

      i ask out of respect, pure jealousy and awe mind you :)

      1. re: mrnyc

        I don't quite remember as it was a bit over a year ago and I went with my father. I believe the total was in the 5-600 range and I belive my father (who can also eat a lot) stopped somewhere in the high 20's low 30's, but I could be wrong.

        What I do remember distinctly was Yasuda-san counting up the bill, pausing with a somewhat shocked expression, then saying "Wow, you just eat 54 pieces of sushi". I thought it was pretty funny.

        1. re: T. Pigeon

          But that is exactly the problem at Yasuda.

          He cuts all of the fish the same way, impossibly small and thin. God forbid you order sashimi. The cost would be enormous.

          Each fish requires a different cut, some thin some thicker. There is no reason that it should take 54 pieces of sushi to fill you, unless you are the size of a Sumo player.

          1. re: Sushiman

            I agree the portions are small, but though I am no where near the size of a sumo wrestler or an offensive linemen, I can eat like one :) - the amount I put away cannot be considered anywhere near normal.

            There have been perhaps 5 times in my life that I was eating somewhere where I did not eat more than everyone else (including those much bigger than me) by a significant margin.

            I forgive the small portions because, though I have not been to Japan, or the best places on the west coast, it is the best sushi I ever had by a good margin. You could ding places like Jean Georges for the same reason btw...

    2. By definition, omakase is based in part on what you want to spend so if you tell a chef you can only go up to $250, it's enough. But re Sushi Yasuda: I was told they don't do omakase on the 4 times I've been there. Most recent visit was in April. Maybe it's changed.

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      1. re: Scott Haas
        david sprague

        i've only eaten omakase on my visits -- five or six of them over the past four years -- and my bill has ranged between 100 and 200 pp each time. i was perfectly satisfied with the meals i ate at the lower end of that spectrum (consisting of, more or less, seven or eight two-three piece offerings).

        enjoy, whatever your choice!

        1. re: david sprague

          I always go omakase when I go as well.