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May 16, 2006 05:32 PM

pio maya and el paso taqueria: any good?

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i saw an article on gothamist recently highlighting pio maya, a taqueria down in the village near nyu. although i'm a little skeptical of the review, i do want to check it out to see for myself. that said, i'm wondering if anyone here has tried this place out.

also, one of the people who responded to the article mentioned el paso taqueria (2 locations) in spanish harlem. i have never heard of this place...has anyone been and, if so, is it worth a trip?

here's the article in question:

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  1. Pio Maya is excellent. Their chicken soup is particularly noteworthy - not something I usually order in a Mexican restaurant but this is something special. It is the kind of place where you order and pay at the register and they bring you your food...

    1. i probably eat Pio Maya 3-5 times a week. Love it.


      1. I'm a big fan of El Paso.. i've been to both locations, and prefer the 104th street location.. it's small, has little ambience, and gets very crowded, especially on the weekends and well into the evening, but it is great.. easy ride on the 6 train to 103rd leaves you a block away.. cheap food, can be a bit slow but very good tacos and other small eats as well as a large assortment of specials, which can vary a bit..

        1. i would recommend el paso. that's where i fell in love with pozole which (at least there) is a very flavorful pork and hominy stew. the tacos are good, i always get al pastor. i go to the one on 94th street, never been to the one further up.

          1. I personally think Pio Maya blows El Paso out of the water. I esp. love the burrito they serve at the former. It's a knife and fork deal, and you have to ask them to put the cheese and guacamole (excellent, btw) insides. But the result is really quite tasty. They also do excellent authentic (i.e., smaller and grilled) tortas.