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May 14, 2006 10:38 PM

Comments and reviews for Marchi's Restaurant

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Would like any feed back on this italian restaurant. We would like to go with a party of 6 on a Friday night. If this is not up to par any recs would be great. Price is not an object here, would like something a little bit unusual. Thanak to all you Hounds

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  1. Marchi's is truly one of a kind. There is no menu. They serve everyone the same family style six course meal, and they haven't changed it since the 1930's. The food is fresh and prepared well - for my taste the one complaint is that fish course is a bit bland and over-cooked (but I guess that is how fish was done in 30's). To me, the primary charm of Marchi's is tradition and history - an authentic step back in culinary time and for that reason alone every NYer hound should try it at least once. You'll also leave satisfied from a pure dining perspective so long as you go in the mood for type of experience.

    1. I went there tonight. I shit you not, the fried fish might have been the best fried fish I've ever had (i lived in new orleans for 7 years). It was crisp, totally not greasy one bit, juicy, hot, and had the texture of a quenelle. Unbelievably good, even though its pairing in the course with green and white string beens and some very plain cooked and sliced beets was beyond me in its averageness.

      It was a quite enjoyable home-cooked style dinner for three. Excellent wines too.