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East Village Sushi?

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Just moved to the neighborhood from California and am in desperate need of a fresh, affordable sushi place in the East Village. Any recs??

Thanks in advance!

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    david sprague

    Esashi on Avenue A and 3rd street.

    super-fresh fish, some interesting 'special rolls' and a nice (if not all that large) sake selection.

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      Sapporo East
      10th and 1st

      the eel and cuc rolled with avcado is awesome

    2. Kanoyama -

      It has roots in the hood going back 20 years. Is better then ever.


      1. definitely go to hasaki.

        it's on stuyvesant st at e. 9th st, a block north of st. marks place and just east of 3rd ave.

        1. Living around the neighborhood, Sharaku on 9th street is my favorite local joint. Very consistent. I always order the village jumbo sashimi with a friend. They also feature Early bird/latenight specials. There are less expensive options in the neighborhood but its a gamble. I would rather forte over a couple of more dollars than to agonize over whether the sushi is fresh today or not.

          1. Kura 1st ave at 4th
            Check out the set sushi dinners
            It ain't Yasuda or Masa, but it's a good reasonibly priced east village neighborhood place

            1. Takahashi (sp?) on Ave. A betw. 5th and 6th. A little more pricey but not over the top - but it's all about the specials. Every night they have absolutely awesome special appetizers - I like to just order a bunch of them and forgo the rolls/entrees. A hidden gem (although I think there's a swanky Takahashi location down in Tribeca).

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                Agreed! Takahashi is amazing, very fresh fish, great all around

                1. Kanoyama, hands down. It's one of the very best sushi places that isn't Yasuda or Kuruma or Gari. I've been there once or twice when the sushi has approached the levels of the truly top tier sushi places. For a truly excellent experience, you should probably go the route of the omakase from the sushi bar, not the omakase on the menu. That isn't the most wallet-friendly, though. The sushi for two is a good deal if you're there with a friend, and it's quite a large portion with excellent fish and rolls! Let me know if you end up trying it!

                  1. Been living in the East Village area for years now, my two favorites are Hasaki and Kanoyama. Be sure to try Hasaki's spicy tuna, it's wonderful.

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                      kanoyama is excellent, but the poster was looking for not too expensive, kanoyama always costs me over $100 for dinner, Takahachi is more reasonably priced, and even better is Nori, on 2nd and st marks, ( nori used to be the manager of takahachi),,, Hasaki used to have a really good sushi chef named Dave, but he is long gone.I used to like their kenuta hamachi. Go sushi is the most reasonable on st. marks, and they have some good hot appetizers.

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                        OP posted three years ago, so Nori didn't exist back then. I hope they found some sushi in the EV by now!

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                          wow, you must get the super nice cuts of sushi. i have gone to kanoyama many times and have spent about $30 - $35 for dinner. i mentioned the sushi for two which is a GREAT deal. the individual sushi dinners should NOT put you ANYWHERE NEAR $100. if you get sushi by the piece and order expensive pieces, then it will get pricey.

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                            At Kanoyama if you get the good Omakase from Nobusan, it will cost you at least $100. Each piece of Otoro is somewhere around $12. The fish from japan is more costly and when you get more expensive fish like shima aji and bluefin ribs or live crab, or japanese uni ,,it gets up there in cost but well worth it. Yes you can get Sushi Special for maybe $16 ,,it's like eating in a different restaurant. But you are right , you can figure out a way to get away cheap at kanoyama.

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                              My experiences of omakase at the sushi bar of Kanoyama are much more in line with foodwhisperer. If it is the omakase by Chef Nobu, it ususally comprises the seasonal specials and can cost $100 to $150 . Can be higher upwards if you have more expensive items like abalone or kinki or crabs, as foodwhisperer mentioned.

                              In the post above you mention that you order the omakase at the sushi bar and on the one on the menu which is $35. So how do you manage to get out at just $30-$35 at the sushi bar? The $35 sushi omakase is, while better than most restaurants at this price point, still no where near to the quality you get from the true omakase at Kanoyama.

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                                oh i never order the omakase from the menu. i just meant that there is an omakase available on the menu. it's, of course, not anything near the quality that one would get at the bar. all i am trying to say is that if the OP is looking for decently priced sushi in the east village (and i'm assuming that the OP isn't looking for THE ABSOLUTE BEST sushi in the world), the sushi for two option or any of the regular sushi items on the menu, though it's nothing compared to the true incredible experience you get with chef nobu at the bar, is good bang for the buck. even the regular items on the menu at kanoyama are excellent when compared to other places in the east village. that's all i'm trying to say. i totally agree with both of you when you say that the omakase at the bar is a totally different experience than what one would get off the regular menu.

                                on a totally different subject, i just had the most incredible meal at sugiyama tonight. it was one of the most amazing experiences i've had in new york.

                        2. Oyama is the only place we ever go...on 1st between 11th and 12th. It's half-price all the time, and always fresh, always good.

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                            I don't really have a recommendation but I would say to definitely avoid Yoshi (E Houston and Ludlow) as well as Cherin (E. 6th bwtn 1st and 2nd)