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May 10, 2006 12:17 PM

knife & fork?

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has anybody been to knife & fork, the new place next to euzkadi on 4th street (between 1st and 2nd)?

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    crock massaro

    I stopped in at Knife & Fork on Sunday for a quick dinner. Very cozy and still a bit under the radar but not for long if they consistently sevre the food that I had that night. The food was amazing, the room is super cozy and this place should become a regular spot for e. village neighbors. i just hope that as they inevitably get busy, they will be just as good.

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      i'll definitely have to check it out. i feel guilty that i never made it to the organic italian place that was its predecessor.

    2. Are there any new updates on Knife & Fork?

      1. I took my boyfriend to knife + fork last weekend for his Birthday. We had the tasting menu, which I highly reccomend. As we were seated, a complimentary glass of Framboise arrived. The first dish was a hand picked crabmeat soup, with a lemongrass broth. The server poured the broth tableside from a small silver kettle. Thsi dish was small in portion but big in flavor and aroma. Next, a roasted red pepper stuffed with crabmeat over a bed of tangy pulpo. The pulpo texture was perfect! The next dish was my absolute favorite, I could have eaten it two or three more times: squid stuffed with duck confit and a side of citrus. This flavor combination was so amazing, and I ate this dish very slowly, savoring each bite. Then, the Mackeral course - to be fair, I am not a fan of "fishy" fish so I did not enjoy this dish. My boyfriend, however, devoured his (and mine, too)! For dessert, we had an ultra-rich chocolate (almost ganache) treat served in a shot glass. The wine selection was not plentiful, but the wines they did offer were great choices, and were in the price range of $30-$100+.

        Several times during the night I smelled a wonderful sesame aroma, and I hoped that this dish would be our next course. It never came, so I assume it was not on the tasting menu, but I'd love to discover that dish the next time I return.

        The restaurant is very cozy, and quite romantic. Service was excellent!! They are very attentive, but they dont overwhelm you. We were lucky enough to receive a visit from Chef Brassel at the end of our visit. I will most certainly reccommend Knife + Fork, and look forward to my next visit.

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          Sounds great! So the tasting menu is definitely the way to go?

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            My friend and fellow foodie went a few nights ago ( I couldn’t make it) and was thrilled with the tasting menu. With the going rate at $45, he felt it was the best deal for a tasting menu anywhere in the city. I’m hoping to go over soon and check it out.

        2. Yes, I agree with bocce that the tasting menu is one of the best deals in the city. I overheard the servers reccommending the tasting menu to all of the other guests. I have heard (since my visit) that you can even advise your server if there is something you do not particularly care for (in my case, Mackeral), and Chef Brassel will compensate with a different dish.

          They also offer wine pairings with each course, but since we had previously spent over an hour tasting French wines at Jadis, we preferred to pace ourselves :)