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May 9, 2006 05:50 PM

Falai for people who LIKE it...

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Going to Falai tonight, despite warnings from below. Please, someone who likes the place, tell me what you enjoy eating there? Thanks.

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    I have been to falai many times. The scene is sometimes annoying, but the food is consistently delicious.

    Go for the short ribs and the gnudi.

    1. I enjoyed it. Portions were somewhat small, but everything was good - we had the gnudi, branzino, and arctic char. babba for dessert was good too.

      1. The baba for dessert is fantastic (and much better than the chocolatey desserts). I also like the squid pasta quite a bit, but there's a full piece with photos on our site if you're interested in seeing the food.



        1. Went to Falai on Sunday for the first time. Tuna carpaccio & zuppetta were very good. Had taglierini with rock shrimp & ramps (a special) and gnudi which were also very good. Cod mantecato also good. Desserts - baba was fantastic. Millefoglie with orange flower pastry cream was a bit too perfumy for me. Panna cotta was also good. All in all, an enjoyable meal, waitstaff was very attentive. Food, however, is very fru fru. If you prefer a heartier, more rustic Italian meal - this is not the place for you.

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            enough has been said about the portion sizes, but has anything new popped up lately, either good or bad? i'm going for the first time this evening. thanks in advance.

          2. When we went, I loved the gnudi (made with spinach). Actually generally all of the dishes were very good. And the breads they bring around are particularly tasty too.