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May 6, 2006 04:40 PM

NYC Bacon Night

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My friends and I are looking to do a progressive dinner, focusing on the most exquisite of pork products, bacon! Note: general pork belly dishes are great as well.

We are looking for five-six places that will not mind a bunch of people coming in for one dish, and possibly a couple of drinks, and then hopping out. We will be calling them ahead and informing them of our intentions.

As of right now, we are starting our night off at Marc Joseph's for their grilled bacon and a beer at the bar. Gramercy Tavern is on our list as well for their fresh bacon dish.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. Also, we will be doing this on a weekday night so as to not bother the restaurants too much. Thank you in advance!

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  1. the best bacon I've ever eaten was at Balthazar.

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    1. re: xavier

      I agree. O.P. should start the day with breakfast at Balthazar

    2. Try the cripsy pork belly and watermelon salad at Fatty Crab. Sounds like an odd combination but it works really well-

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      1. re: ENL

        You must also have the pork belly tea sandwich at Fatty crab it is so addictive...

      2. Rub has many a pork product to try. they also cure and smoke there own bacon

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        1. re: mostfood

          Do they have the bacon every day now? Are there any other new dishes?

          1. re: mostfood

            Just called RUB, and the guy who answered the phone said they do not cure bacon. Wonder if it could've been a different 'cue joint.

            1. re: squid-kun

              They smoke their own bacon, but for now use it it only in cooking, such as in the greens. It is not explicitly on the menu as an app, like at the the steak houses.

          2. I doubt you could do this spur of the moment but the pork belly dish at WD-50 is outstanding.

            1. k
              King of Northern Blvd.

              I've heard Red Cat sometimes has Tempura Bacon as a special. I haven't seen it there or even tried it but you could call..

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                I've had the bacon tempura salad. The whole dish is quite porky and worth a shot. I wish the egg served on top was soft boiled instead though.