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NYC Bacon Night

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My friends and I are looking to do a progressive dinner, focusing on the most exquisite of pork products, bacon! Note: general pork belly dishes are great as well.

We are looking for five-six places that will not mind a bunch of people coming in for one dish, and possibly a couple of drinks, and then hopping out. We will be calling them ahead and informing them of our intentions.

As of right now, we are starting our night off at Marc Joseph's for their grilled bacon and a beer at the bar. Gramercy Tavern is on our list as well for their fresh bacon dish.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. Also, we will be doing this on a weekday night so as to not bother the restaurants too much. Thank you in advance!

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  1. the best bacon I've ever eaten was at Balthazar.

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      I agree. O.P. should start the day with breakfast at Balthazar

    2. Try the cripsy pork belly and watermelon salad at Fatty Crab. Sounds like an odd combination but it works really well-

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        You must also have the pork belly tea sandwich at Fatty crab it is so addictive...

      2. Rub has many a pork product to try. they also cure and smoke there own bacon

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          Do they have the bacon every day now? Are there any other new dishes?

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            Just called RUB, and the guy who answered the phone said they do not cure bacon. Wonder if it could've been a different 'cue joint.

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              They smoke their own bacon, but for now use it it only in cooking, such as in the greens. It is not explicitly on the menu as an app, like at the the steak houses.

          2. I doubt you could do this spur of the moment but the pork belly dish at WD-50 is outstanding.

            1. k
              King of Northern Blvd.

              I've heard Red Cat sometimes has Tempura Bacon as a special. I haven't seen it there or even tried it but you could call..

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                I've had the bacon tempura salad. The whole dish is quite porky and worth a shot. I wish the egg served on top was soft boiled instead though.

              2. you gotta get the british/irish style bacon sandwich at TEA&SYMPATHY. just get one next door to go and eat it on your way. it comes on fluffy bread, very addictive.

                ps -- brooklyn might be too far afield, but dont forget about the great bacon side at LUGERS.

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                  Ben and Jack's (offshoot of Peter Luger) has the same fantastic bacon. You can order it from the bar if you won't be there long enough to make use of a table.

                2. consider having the pork chop at freemans. Its smoked and therefore is very bacony. Delicious.

                  Link: http://www.bigapplediningguide.com

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                    Or better yet at Freeman's...devils on horseback. Its prunes stuffed with blue cheese and then wrapped with bacon and grilled to perfection.

                  2. I will Wu Liang Ye in to the pot
                    Double Cooked Fresh Bacon with spicy capsicum

                    1. Pam Real Thai (47th st and 9th ave, I think) has a delicious bacon dish. I believe it is called chili pork or something like that. It has been a while since I've been, but you can always ask the staff- it is one of their specialties.

                      I second the vote for RedCat Bacon Tempura, although there was no egg on it when I got it (last July), just tempura bacon with some black eyed pea salad. Scrumptious.

                      1. The Pork Belly at August is superior to the one at Gramercy.
                        As well, the pork belly appetizer at 66 is to die for, and their lounge area seems the perfect venue for your event. Have a lychee martini, and enjoy!

                        1. The bacon side dish at BLT Steak was probably the best bacon I've ever had.

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                            baconboy's gf

                            all of this talk of pig fat is disgusting and unhealthy.

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                              i would recommend the panacetta @ babbo. it's to die for.

                            2. Had a terrific pork belly dish at The Spotted Pig a few weeks ago; check to see if it's still on the menu.

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                                I cannot believe nobody's mentioned the bacon dish at Gramercy Tavern- Had it last night. You should go- It was quite delicious! And I didn't particularly like the restaurant, but that dish was a real standout. They also make a great suckling pig at Piccola Venezia in Astoria.

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                                  That's probably becsause Grammercy Tavern's bacon dish is already on the OP's list and people are suggesting additions to the list per OP's request. I agree with the choice, by the way.

                                2. fyi... if you are ever in the mood to travel a bit further for your bacon, take PATH to Grove Street stop in JC and try the "BLT" at Marco & Pepe.

                                  3 hour braised applewood smoked bacon... tender chunks, so good.

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                                    I agree. Marco and Pepe is delicious. Very cool wait staff and atmosphere too. Def. worth the trek. Extensive beer menu as well :) Enjoy!

                                  2. My nomination for best thread ever.

                                    Is anyone else going out of their mind reading this?
                                    Bacon Night? its more like Bacon Month. Keep them coming.

                                    I think this quest and the responses should be permanently pinned to top of page.

                                    1. I'd recommend a stop at Momofuku;the chef works a lot of wonders with high quality pork-there's bound to be something there for y'all.

                                      1. my gosh, that sounds wonderful! pls be sure to take notes and report back...

                                        1. Luger's bacon, and the sam gap seol (the korean pork belly).

                                          1. Apologies for bumping up an old thread, but did this end up happening?

                                            Hard to believe that my search for bacon yields so few posts on the NYC boards.

                                            I'd like to also suggest Cookshop's brunch (house-made, thick-cut, double-smoked bacon with their skillet eggs entree).

                                            And for dessert, Blue Smoke is experimenting with a new dish: "French Toast" bread pudding, served with maple ice cream (sweet and cold!) and bacon. The bread pudding is very sweet, and good, but I got overdosed on the eggy-ness after a while.

                                            1. I am surprised that nobody has mentioned the grilled bacon at Wolfgangs. IMHO, this is possibly the greatest single food item east of the Misissippi. Spectacular.

                                              1. Agreed Randy, and not to make you jealous, but I have 8 o'clock Wolfgang's reservations tonight, so some time around 9:30 I'll be enjoying a slab or two of bacon...