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May 3, 2006 08:31 PM

nice coffee shop with wi-fi that you can linger at?

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Are there any nice (independent) coffee shops downtown that offer free wi-fi and won't kick you out? The only one I can think of is the Dunkin' Donuts on 2nd Ave and 11th, but I'd rather be in a quaint little place like Cafe Pick Me Up (but outlets and connection stability can be hard to come by). Of course, good reasonably priced coffee and light bites are a must. Thanks, hounds!

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  1. there's a coffee place just off of 6th ave and greenwich ave that has free wi-fi with purchase and looks great.
    don't know the name but it's easy to find. next to the eyebrow place.

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      Cafe Ari is what you're thinking of: new, stylish, lots of outlets, lots of people using it as their office.

      The owner is very nice and a former software engineer.

    2. here are a few--not sure about the availability of outlets at some of these places:

      (i'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg--pls post if you know of any other places.)

      1) grounded
      28 jane st btwn w. 4th st/greenwich ave, west village

      139 ave a btwn e. 9th st/st. marks pl, east village
      (they do have some outlets here)

      3) 88 orchard
      88 orchard st @ broome st, lower east side
      (outlets are in the basement area downstairs; i didn't see any in the street-level room here)

      4) housing works used book cafe
      126 crosby st btwn e. houston/prince sts, soho
      i'm not 100% sure about this place, since the wireless connection hasn't always worked here, but it's worth a shot if you're in the hood. fyi the outlets are located in the cafe area of the bookstore.

      5) ini ani
      105 stanton st near ludlow st, lower east side
      fyi this place is a coffeehouse by day and wine bar by night.

      6) mcnally robinson
      50 prince st btwn lafayette/mulberry sts, nolita
      this place is a bookstore with a cafe area. although there's (sort of) waiter service here, they've never rushed/hurried me to get out of here. nice selection of teas, coffee, and light eats, not to mention the all the books and magazines.
      fyi sometimes there are book readings, which completely ties up the entire cafe area.

      7) murray's bagels
      242 8th ave btwn w. 23rd/w. 22nd sts, chelsea
      500 6th ave btwn w. 13th/w. 12th sts, village
      bagel shops with small cafe seating areas. not really an ideal place to get work done but decent enough.

      8) space untitled espresso bar
      133 greene st btwn w. houston/prince sts, soho
      located inside an art gallery (pomegranate art gallery)/jewelry and accessories boutique store (culture outlet). very high-ceilinged, gallery-sort of feel. food is just average and everything's on the pricey side, but the upside is that the cafe hasn't been crowded during my visits here (possibly b/c passersby don't realize that there's a coffeehouse inside?).

      9) st. dymphna's
      118 st. marks place btwn 1st ave/avenue a, east village
      irish pub with a wireless connection--how novel. obviously this place is less noisy/crowded earlier in the day, with the exception of weekends, when brunch is served.

      10) sympathy for the kettle
      109 st. marks pl btwn 1st ave/avenue a, east village
      tea shop/tea house. very homey, rustic decor. feels more like a tea shop than a cafe, so i dunno if it's really ideal for lingering. still, well worth checking out. excellent tea selection.

      11) theeee coffee chamber
      17 bleecker st btwn lafayette st/bowery, noho
      new coffeehouse on the quiet eastern end of bleecker (same block as bianca and von).
      independent coffees from around the world available, plus wine and beer. they also have weekly features such as live music, book readings, movies, and art installations.

      12) veniero's pasticceria
      342 e. 11th st btwn 2nd/1st aves, east village
      the famous, touristy italian pasticceria with cafe seating area.

      13) soy luck club
      115 greenwich ave @ jane st, west village
      coffeehouse with all-organic food menu and modern decor. $10 minimum food purchase if using wireless connection for more than 1 hour.

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      1. re: surly

        Jeez, thanks!! I'm saving this list.

        1. re: Jane P.

          no problem, jane. hopefully some other people will post a few more places before this thread gets lost amongst all the other threads.

          you'd have to figure that more and more places are offering free wi-fi these days, so i'm sure the list of hotspots is much, much more extensive than what i posted.

          1. re: surly

            I'm at Theee Coffee Chamber right now. It is PERFECT.

            I stopped at Kudo Beans before, but you have to PAY for their wifi - what's up with dat??

            It's hard to find free wifi though, cos places will have signs in the windows offering wireless, but once you plunk down with a large coffee and connect, you'll find out you have to pay per half hour or something.

      2. My favorite is Lotus in the Lower East Side (corner of Clinton and Stanton Streets). Perfect wi-fi coffee shop and neighborhood hangout with eats by day, laid back bar/lounge with inexpensive drinks by night.

        On the Upper East Side there's DTUT on 2nd Ave between 84th and 85th Streets. Getting a bit run down, but lots of couches and bakery items.

        1. Blue Spoon Coffee, serving Intelligista, sounds precisely like what you are looking for. No minimums, great place, great coffee. Chambers street b/w church and broadway.