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Bouchon Bakery

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I'm going to be near the Time Warner Center after work tonight and was thinking about picking up something for dinner (or at least a pastry) from Bouchon Bakery.

What do we think of this place? Anything that should not be missed?


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  1. just letting you know that it closes at 6pm.

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      Thanks but you were wrong. Closes at 7pm for take-out.

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      I really liked the TKO cookie and the lemon tart.

      1. You MUST try the pecan sticky bun. The Nutter Butter is great and the namesake bouchon is wonderful too! I've heard really good things about the tuna nicoise sandwich, but haven't tried it yet myself.

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          Tuna Nicoise is simple yet brilliant. A coworker calls it "Jesus on a slice of bread." That might be going a bit too far. Eating it, I thought I could easily reproduce it with the right ingredients (yeasty bread, paper-thin radishes, hard-boiled eggs, aioli, a quality canned tuna etc.) so don't expect it to redefine the tuna sandwich. Still, it's very good, and perfect to take to the park on a day like today.

        2. stopped by on the 4th of July - liked the TKO - good not too sweet chocolate - and also enjoyed the almond chocolate croissant, but the Religieuse was extraordinary.

          1. i think their macaroons are delicious. the pistachio and vanilla and chocolate.

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              I love the pistachio macaroons; the vanilla was fairly boring in comparison.

              Also love the TKOs... very rich.

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                don't forget the caramel! it's great too

              2. The Vegetable Jardinere is a delicious grilled sandwich of goodness... or the Pork Tonnato if you prefer something with a little meat (tastes better then it looks). You can't go wrong with either...

                Check out pics at: http://www.egustibus.com

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                  hmm...i thought the pork was insipid. tasted like bland sliced turkey, with a stray piece of wilted watercress here and there. my big question is do they ever make the take out stuff to order, or does it all come from that display case?

                  the almond brioche is out of this world. perfect balance of crispy and eggy gooey softness, and amazing almond flavor and aroma. topped with almond slice crunch.

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                    The Vegetable Jardinere was grilled to order... so it was really warm and fresh.

                    I don't know what insipid means! :-) The pork sandwich was not the greatest thing ever, but I enjoyed it. Eating it in Central Park probably helped...

                2. The Nutter Butter cookie is an absolute must! Unless of course you don't like peanut butter cookies. I find the TKO cookie a bit too sweet for my liking. I like their chocolate chip cookie too; subtle hints of hazelnuts and it's chewy. Their chocolate tart is a chocoholic's dream. Chocolate from crust to garnish and not too sweet either. Their sticky bun is good, sticky, gooey topping with whole pecans and the bun itself is flaky. I don't really like their namesake bouchons though; it looks like a bite size brownie and it tastes somewhat of a brownie but it's cakey for my liking, even though I know it's not supposed to be a brownie at all.

                  1. what pastries to get, and also has anyone tried the poach terrine of foie gras that arrives in a canning jar? i've heard it's supposed to be amazing.

                    and also is there really a huge Samsung sign in the middle of the dining room?


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                      Read my post above for the pastries that I have tried from their bakery. Their quiches and tuna nicoise are excellent! I have not tried their foie gras but I have heard it is rich enough to share among a few people.

                      You can also read the NY Times article back in April.

                      There is a gigantic Samsung sign but you are dining under it.

                    2. I was underwhelmed by the pork tonnato sandwich although obviously it beat any pre-prepared deli sandwich you could otherwise get and the cornichons on the side were a nice touch. The TKO-oreo was very dry. Will return only to try the foie gras terrine at the cafe. Anybody try it yet? Is it really $45?!

                      1. Service was excellent, food stuff was so-so, view was great--overall not worth the prices but would try some other things before writing it off altogther.