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after a VERY stressful apartment search, I am extremely happy to report that I am going to be moving from the upper east side to the east village!

My roomate and I are both chowhounds (Becky, I hope you're reading this!) and, while we know of lots of wonderful places, I would love some input from the 'hounds, the true culinary experts!

Please note that we are looking for inexpensive, but wonderful finds in the east village area (specifically, we are living on 11th st. between 1st and ave A). So...what are your suggestions for great spots for dinner, brunch, hangouts?

Thanks so much! I can't wait!

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  1. I love the Red Rooster Bar, on Second Ave between 1st & 2nd Streets.

    1. Pomme Frites on Second and 7th for great french fries
      Holy Basil on 3rd or Klong on St. Marks for thai food
      Octupus balls (can't remember the name of the place)on 9th street between 2nd and 3rd avenue
      Pauls for burgers
      A Salt & Battery for fried fish

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        otafuku - octopus balls and cole slaw/cabbage pancakes
        E 9th street btw. 2nd & 3rd. closer to 2nd.

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          Pretty sure A Salt & Battery is closed at this location.

        2. best pizza in the area is pizza gruppo - thin crust, delicious, and they deliver!

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            kelly's belly

            totally disagree. Una pizza nepoletana is far and away the best, most authentic pizza in the east village...maybe even the city.

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              It is good, but different, and expensive for pizza. Gruppo is a good stand by for delivery when you don't want to spend the $$$$ or go out...jeez

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                No need to get defensive...he just disagreed with you. Didn't seem rude.

                Others have already named most of my favorites, but make sure you check out Veselka, at 2nd and 9th. Its a great hangout place, as its open 24 hrs and has imported beer. Plus, it has excellent ukranian food AND regular diner fare. Of course, eating there too often can become a problem if you ever move - what am I supposed to do this summer when I get an urge for perogi and pancakes at 2 am?

                Also, Caracas Arepas bar and Dumping Man are near you. Pomme Frites is perfect after (or during) a night out.

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                  Dumping Man, found at various street locations throughout the nighttime hours. Watch where you step.

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                      Haha, excuse me...dumpling man

            2. You must try O.G. on 6th b/w A & B. A delicious, well priced pan asian. Highly recommend dumplings (spinach as well as shrimp with chives), salmon and duck. They also have a great zinfandel by glass or bottle. You will not be disappointed.
              Also a new japanese place Le Miu on Ave A, b/w 6th and 7th.

              1. You must try O.G. on 6th b/w A & B. A delicious, well priced pan asian. Highly recommend dumplings (spinach as well as shrimp with chives), salmon and duck. They also have a great zinfandel by glass or bottle. You will not be disappointed.
                Also a new japanese place Le Miu on Ave A, b/w 6th and 7th.

                1. For dinner, Uovo, Cacio e Pepe, Zerza, Mermaid Inn, Max.
                  For brunch, Cafe Orlin, 9th Street Market, Danal, Five Points, Prune, Yaffa Cafe, and many others.
                  For drinks, I recently went to Blue Owl and had a good time.

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                    Haveli on 2nd Ave (at 6th St) for yummy Indian. Mama's on 3rd and Ave B for comfort food - and portions large enough to last you a couple of meals.

                  2. I recommend:
                    Supper (no reservations/cash only), Il Begatto, Le Tableau, Rue B (drinks, apps.), Zum Schneider.

                    1. Una Pizza Napoletana (pizza)
                      Basso Est (italian)
                      Max (italian)
                      Mama's Food Shop (soul food)
                      Pommes Frites (fries)
                      SEA Thai Bistro (thai)
                      Holy Basil (thai)
                      Café El Portal (mexican)
                      Itzocan Café (mexican)
                      Paul's Burgers (burgers)
                      Katz Deli (deli)
                      Lil' Frankie's (italian / pizza)
                      Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches (sammys)
                      Tiny's Giant Sandwiches (sammys)
                      Caracas Arepas Bar (latin)
                      Black Hound (sweets)
                      Rai Rai Ken (noodles)

                      Enjoy it. I've lived here for 3 years and the above are some of my favorite EV haunts.

                      1. Cafe Zaiya (Japanese bakery and sandwiches)
                        Panya (Janpanese bakery)
                        Moshie's (old school jewish bakery)
                        the green bakery (branch of the city bakery)
                        Calcutta (my favorite indian restaurant-get all of the bread!!!)
                        Basso Est (Italian)
                        Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery (the puddings and cakes on the counters)
                        Tiny's Giant Sandwich shop (silly philly)
                        Counter (vegetarian)
                        Caravan of Dreams (vegan-i'd stray away from teh desserts but their plates of the day are awesome)
                        MUD coffee (my fuel)
                        Chickpea (falafels)
                        Blackhound (anything! but don't miss the shortbread cookies in back)

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                          The old-school Jewish bakery on 2nd Ave is called Moishe's in case you're doing a search.
                          And I like Calcutta for Indian too, especially delivery. It's cheaper than Brick Lane or Banjara and their tandoori dishes and bread stand out.

                        2. Somehow these nearly exhaustive lists didn't include one of my favorites: Esperanta, a fun Brazilian/S. American place on the corner of Ave. C & 9th St. I think they still have live bossanova music on weekday nights. They also have sidewalk seating, strong drinks, and good food (these assets not ranked in order of importance).

                          1. and zaragoza grocery (ave a around 12th st)-- small mexican grocery with some prepared foods, lively music, warm lovely staff, and old dudes standing around drinking, passing the time in a casual neighborhoody place.

                            david's bagels (1st ave btwn 13-14th)
                            the tiny peirogi place on 1st ave (i think) around st mark's place--get the mushroom and sauerkraut

                            mogador and prune for brunch; get the hot sauce at mogador

                            moustache for tabouli

                            1. So many great recommendations...one Italian place that didn't get mentioned that I love is Via Della Pace on 7th St just east of 2nd Ave.

                              1. oo, this is a terrific list. Here's some more:

                                Rai Rai Ken, Minca, Menkui-Tei, Momofuku (ramen)
                                B&H (soup and challah - surprised no one mentioned this yet)
                                Little Poland, Christine's, Neptune (Polish diners, all solid, in addition to Veselka. Bit cheaper, too)
                                7A (casual, brunch & burgers, etc.)
                                Brick Lane (for Sunday Indian buffet)
                                Banjara (for all other days' Indian)

                                definitely recommend Cacio e Pepe, love that place.

                                1. What about Bar Veloce?

                                  1. Some other ideas:
                                    - Bar Carrera for the best tapas
                                    - Prune for all-around best meal
                                    - Imagine Grill (ex Miracle) for the garden, though food isn't the best
                                    - Downtown Bakery on 1st and 4th for cheap and good mexican
                                    - Ginger on 1st and 7th for cheapish sushi
                                    - Grand Sichuan on St. Marks
                                    - kasadela
                                    - (A Salt & Battery has closed and supposedly being replaced by a wine bar)
                                    - 99 Miles to Philly and Blue9 Burger on 3rd ave

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                                    1. re: mas

                                      I liked Miracle Grill and like Imagine. What do you have against their food?

                                      1. re: Pan

                                        i'm not the poster in question so i hope you don't mind me chiming in, but i agree with the assessment - nice atmosphere, food pretty meh. to go into detail, this is what we had:

                                        guacamole - fine, but the chips were tostitos (i know my junk food). with decent tortilla chips available for purchase, i was surprised that a restaurant would choose the kind that my mother bought in the 80s to serve with canned bean dip.
                                        steak frites - despite being overcooked by several shades, the steak arrived lukewarm (pat of herb butter sat atop it unmelted for the duration of the meal) and was a bit tough.
                                        tenderloin salad - very chewy strips of undistinguished beef over generic greens, which were slicked in oil from the meat.
                                        some kind of salmon with garlic mash - not bad, but not memorable and not up to the $20something price tag.

                                    2. Go to:

                                      -Sapporo East for cheap sushi (on 1st at 10th st.) Why hasn't anyone said that?

                                      -Jewel Bako Makimono for bling sushi (on 2nd btw. 5th and 6th)

                                      -Holy Basil for Thai (on 2nd and btw. 9th and 10th)

                                      -Christine's for Polish food (on 1st btw. 11th and 12th)

                                      -Angelica Kitchen for vegan food (12th btw. 1st and 2nd)

                                      -Counter for bling vegan food (on 1st and 6th)

                                      -Momofuku Noodle bar for, duh, noodles (1st btw. 10th and 11th)

                                      -Mermaid Inn for seafood (2nd ave. at 5th)

                                      -Crif Dogs for hot dogs (St.Marks btw. 1st and A)

                                      and everyone else has big upped Caracas Arepa Bar, which I will now give a resounding "WORD" to.

                                      1. I can second the Momofuku rec. That place is doing it right. The warm baby octapus salad is a racey balance of acid and chilis, with a wonderful salad of seabeans and seaweed. The fried sweetbreads are some of the best I have ever had, in the U.S. or anywhere abroad. Not to be missed!! The pork buns are great, and Ramen is spot on, and an enormous portion. Crif Dogs are fantastic. Mermaid at one time was terrific, we feel they have slipped a great deal in quality (Lobster Roll came with shell chards the last 3X!!) just not as much attention to detail. La Palapa is great for some Mexican reigional!