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Apr 30, 2006 10:52 AM

Tomoe Sushi Serious Slippage

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I went to Tomoe Sushi yesterday for the weekend sushi/sashimi lunch deal and I'm sorry to say I have really bad news. The owner/chef has moved to a new location and no longer works there. He now works at his other restaurant. Here's the info:

Toku Shin
28 West Putnam Ave.
Greenwich CT 06830
T 203.661.1600

The difference was evident immediately. There were no sprouts in ponzu on the table, hot towels were not offered. The normal long cut 1/2 inch sashimi had been reduced to a 1/4 inch thick slice- not the best cuts of fish- sloppy slicing in general- The number of peices of fish you get with the lunch have decreased. The the peices of sashimi were placed on top of a pile of slivered kombu and it stuck to/ coated the backside of the fish- I noticed lots of people cleaning their fish off before eating it. Tomago was fishy and warm. White fish wasn't of the quality we're used to either. * what a difference. The prices on the menu have been raised- The menu has changed allthogether- there used to be two columns for everything either luch price or dinner price, now the only things available for lunch price are the combo, sushi and sashimi lunch- charashi was completely gone :( Another fave of mine the uni ika was also removed. I swear I heard taps playing faintly as we walked out the door. -

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    sing me a bar

    Tell me about it! The party is way over at Tomoe.The owner, Ken really kept a tight ship, and given his disembarkment, the thing is sinking. The servers are still so dear, we have been through a lot of years together, but even they must know it's different. The line out front is much shorter. It's always like the end of an affair when a restaurant goes south on you.
    I think the guy who used to only be allowed to do rolls is now main sushi chef, a spot he evidently can't hack. The variety was even worse than usual, and variety was never Tomoe's strong suit to begin with.
    In the last year or so, it was really only the freshness and portion volume that made Tomoe such a great deal. With the size of the servings shrinking, it really is not worth braving the ambience-challenged setting.
    Ah well, Ken-san, we'll always have the 90's!

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      How depressing! Thanks for the info... *crosses another place off list*

      I love Ushiwakamaru, but it definitely doesn't have the same ambiance.

    2. then why won't that damn line die down already?!??! shit.

      1. Tomoe has been in the decline for years, and I stopped going there at least 4 years ago. No big loss; my mourning was done too long before.

        1. i am so grateful for your comments. i have been a tomoe devotee for many many years and will honor the past and seek a better future! since moving to maui, whenever i visit, i return to tomoe at all cost. better to have read this than to have suffered the disappointment.

          1. I used to be a Tomoe fan but was stolen away by Sushi of Gari (UES; I think Gari on the UWS is highly inferior). Though it probably makes sushi purists cringe, the taste experimentations on their omakase menu is nothing short of sent from heaven. Anyway, I digress....I recently went back to Tomoe because Sushi of Gari isn't open for lunch and was HIGHLY disappointed. It's not even a shadow of what it used to be.