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Apr 28, 2006 04:35 PM

Question about Il Mulino

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Hi, I am going with my husband and 2 friends from Miami to Il Mulino in a couple of weeks.
My friend is pregnant and craving italian food, she is also visiting NY so I want to take her to a very nice place!
How is Il Mulino? Is it worth it? If not, do you have any other suggestions?
Also, what should we order?

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  1. OVER-PRICED!!!!! I went last summer after many months of wanting to try it and was TOTALLY underwhelmed and almost cried when I saw the check. Between 4 of us, the bill was more than $600 and we BARELY drank (I think we split one moderately priced bottle of wine and someone had a beer). We were charged $60 for a caesar salad to share and the veal chop my friend ordered was $50. For great pasta, I recommend Babbo or Lupa.

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    1. re: Loren

      Oh my god!!! That is crazy... I will cancel my reservation.
      I am going to Babbo the week before...
      Any other place?

      1. re: Steph05
        Peter Cherches

        One suggestion would be to save your money and go to an excellent moderate place like Roberto Passon or Lavagna (or Al Di La in Brooklyn if you can deal with a place that doesn't take reservations) where you'll get excellent food for a fraction of the cost. Unless you're dying to spend a lot of money.

        The second and final time I went to Il Mullino it was such a horror show that we walked out after being seated at an afterthought table right near the kitchen, where waiters kept bumping into me. The food is good, but incredibly costly, and I find the room creepy in a dark, crowded way.


        1. re: Peter Cherches

          I agree tht Roberto Pssson is excellent - both the food and service, and the prices are reasonable. Not your typical "red sauce" Italian. Also good and reasonably priced is Barbuto on Washington Street.

        2. re: Steph05

          I ate at Fiamma Osteria tonight and really enjoyed it. A great space,flawless service and terrific pasta. Starters are pricey but really good. Check it out on this board.

          1. re: Steph05

            Barbuto is good but frequently overbooked. I've been seated there more than an hour after our reservation time. You also might consider Cacio e Pepe in the east village.

          2. re: Loren

            I probably like the food more than Loren, but not only is it significantly overpriced, the captains make it their business to steer you towards ordering much more food than you're likely to want. Beyond that, the house policy is to overbook and then keep you waiting for a significant period before seating you. Many better places to spend your money including the afore mentioned Babbo/Lupa. I'm a fan of DaSilvano, also in Greenwich Village.

          3. agree. plenty of better quality and value choices here on chowhound. It's more of a place to show off in front of guests that are not in the know (IMO). And we know...........

            1. L'Impero is an good upscale Italian option, although it is in midtown. The braised goat is worth the trip alone. I'll also second the Al di la rec. They have a wine bar next door which makes the wait bearable. Their food is excellent and reasonable.

              1. I like Il Mulino more than most of the esteemed people who post here, but I would never go for dinner which might have something to do with why I like it more :). It is a madhouse there at that time and way too cramped for the traffic they get walking through the "aisles" between tables. I don't visit NY enough anymore to give you the quality of alternatives that other posters can give you so I yield the floor.

                1. I disagree - love the food there. I also like many of the others mentioned, however, the food is of a different style. If you want old fashioned style Italian do Il Mulino. Avoid the specials if you want to avoid surprises on the check. It is a zoo but I love the veal and all the appetizers. I don't even order starters most of the time because there is so much food.

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                  1. re: Lizzie

                    Agreed, ever try the veal parm? If not, try it next time.

                    1. re: Lizzie
                      Peter Cherches

                      But surely for "old fashioned" (I guess you mean by NY standards) southern Italian food there are much cheaper, less oppressive places where the food is almost as good, no?

                      1. re: Peter Cherches

                        oh- for this kind of food, nothing's "as good" as il mulino...
                        the wait is annoying - infuriating at times - but the food is just that good. the veal chop with mushrooms and peppers is absolutely amazing (as it should be at $60!)
                        that being said, I definitely would not go with at a pregnant woman...