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Apr 28, 2006 10:03 AM

looking for a food adventure in Manhattan

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I want to go to a restaurant that's weird, off the beaten path and really good. Any ethnic suggestions welcome. cooking at the table? eating on the floor? dinner in someone's kitchen/mini restaurant?
do any real food adventures still exist in Manhattan?

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  1. Chubo perhaps? They have some pairings that I would never have imagined but that somehow work well.

    Alternatively you could go to a good Chinese or Korean place and randomly ask for a few of the menu items that are on the wall that don't come with translations. You may get tripe in a liver/mushroom sauve or you may get something completely fantastic.

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      Anyone been to CHUBO recently? I'm really curious about their tasting menu. Also, what's the atmosphere like.

    2. I find WD-40 to be a real adventure. Wylie is artistic and scientific in his preparations, and it will be an adventure of the palate that you will never forget.