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Apr 27, 2006 09:21 AM

Tamales, Tamales, Tamales...

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OK, it's been a few years since I went on a serious tamale hunt in Manhattan. I've done a few in Brooklyn and elsewhere since then, but not here.

So... where is the best place for tamales? I'm so tired of dense, dry tamales.

for the purposes of this search, I'm really only interested in mexican tamales. Second, there are a few varieties that are my absolute favorites, but I'm not sure where I can find them in Manhattan (oaxaquenos and rajas con queso). Anyone know where I can find those varieties?

Regardless, I'm interested in the best mexican tamales anywhere in Manhattan. So... where have your best tamales come from in Manhattan?

Man, I can smell them already.

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  1. Go south and try the tamale trail. I just saw a whole bus load of folks from up north at Joe's last Saturday...........let me know and I will FED EX you a few.............


    1. Delicious and cheap tamales are available Mono-Saturday mornings (early to about 9 a.m.) from a couple who stand by the 93rd street entrance to the IRT on Broadway (west side of street.) The pork tamale with green sauce is my personal favorites, though I like the cheese tamale a lot too.

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        Did you mean Monday through Saturdays?

      2. As I recall, the Leon Bakery on 9th Ave btw 47th and 48th serves them out of a steamer. Good but not great, imo. There's also a lady that sometimes sells them on 7th Ave around 25th, though I've never tried her offerings.

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          In the same general area...the tiny place El Sabrosa on 37th between 7th and 8th has pretty good tamales. Very filling. They seem Mexican-style to me (even though the owner is Ecuadorian). It's tucked way in a loading dock on the north side of the street, but the daily menu is posted on the open doors so it's not that hard to spot.

          1. re: Nancy

            I actually work right nearby and will definitely check it out. Thanks for the tip!

            PS: Do they serve anything else of note? Or should I stick with the tamales?

        2. There's a mexican woman who stands at the uptown entrance of the 1 train at 137th street.
          her tamales are $1 -- reg chicken and spicy chicken. They are very good, not dry at all. I make the trip from bklyn to stock up on her tamales! there's also a coffee shop of 23rd st and 7th called Sucelt. their tamales are bigger, and come in 4 varieties-- ranging from 4 to 7 dollars each. they are also very good.

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            Sucelt is on 14th and 7th, southwest side of the street.