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Apr 26, 2006 04:37 PM

Best Indian Food in Curry Hill?

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I just moved a few blocks south of Curry Hill, and since I love Indian food, I know I'll be checking many of these places out.

Anyone have any particularly amazing experiences (or really terrible) at any of them?

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  1. If you do an internal Google search, you'll find numerous recent posts on this topic.

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    1. re: Cara1
      foodie for life

      I live right in this neighborhood though I've only had Curry in a Hurry and Curry Leaf. I hated Curry in a Hurry and Curry Leaf is wonderful. The service and food are both phenomenal and I think many chowhounders on here agree.

    2. as a day time local (my office is here) so far I've tried
      Curry in a Hurry - very eh - generally too greasy
      Copper Chimney - very good
      Pongal also very good (only tried it once though)

      1. I welcome you to feed you info on what is happening in the 'burb -

        welcome to chowhound.

        1. Though I'm a dedicated carnivore in most respects, I am coming around to the superiority of vegetarian indian food--often, I feel like great veggie dishes of this cuisine are more interesting than meat ones. There are quite a few dedicated veggie places in Curry Hill. The one that I'm fond of is Chennai Gardens (27th and Lex). I'd go for dinner more than the lunch buffet. Great dosas.

          1. I live in the neighborhood as well.

            Copper Chimney and Pongal are owned by the same guy. Pongal serves excellent dosais and other vegetarian dishes. Copper Chimney is more modern (but not much, mostly in decor) and often very good.

            Curry Leaf is my choice for takeout "comfort" indian.

            The best samosas on the block can be found at Curry in a Hurry, but that is the only thing I eat there.

            Roomali (27th bet. Lex and 3rd) serves very good indian wraps. I get a chicken tikka wrap at least once a month.

            Saravanaas on 26th and Lex is pretty good but the room is an eyesore. Just too bright.

            Chennai Garden is okay - only been there for a cheap lunch buffet once. Eh.

            Kalustyan's also has a cafe on the second floor. The Mujiddarah sandwich is very good (lentils, etc.).

            Chinese Mirch is now reopened. I was never impressed with their food but perhaps its worth a try now that its been updated (maybe the menu has as well).


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            1. re: dkstar1

              I actually think the best samosas are at Kalustyan's -- better than what they serve at Curry Leaf (go figure). Curry Leaf is my choice, as well, for take-out and delivery, though I had an awful saag paneer there the other day (smelled rancid so I threw it out).

              I actually prefer the dosas at Chennai Garden to Pongal (which has slipped big time, imo). But I personally much prefer the dosas at Sravanas (26th and Lex) to both. Unlike dkstar, I think the sunny room is a plus.

              1. re: a&w

                I don't know how Haandi (Lex btwn 27/28) has gone unmentioned. IMO the best by a mile.

                1. re: Fred

                  I couldn't agree more. Haandi is the best Indian food in the neighborhood.

                  My guess is that most people shy away from it because it is completely lacking in atmosphere.

                  1. re: MAH

                    I am frightened of the place, quite frankly. The (lack of) atmosphere is unbelievable.

                    I went in there the other night because you guys have said its been so good.

                    I waited forever for a simple chicken dish. I got up to leave and the guy behind the counter said what's wrong. I told him I'd been waiting for a long time (the food was right in front of them) and he shrugged and walked away.

                    I tried. Also, let's just say that other restaurant owners in the nabe don't speak highly of their kitchen. Could just be competition I guess...but I'm not so sure.

                    1. re: dkstar1

                      Agree about the guy behind the counter. I get the impression that he treats the Indian/Pakistani clientele different from the Americans, but the food is still great (even if it comes with an attitude and a smaller portion than my Indian counterpart may get)

                      1. re: Fred

                        Does Haandi have a menu anywhere on-line? Also, does anyone know their delivery area? Thanks.