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Apr 24, 2006 11:16 AM

Wogies: Brief Review

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After a few beers in the neighborhood (w/ my wife's coworkers for Happy Hour), we decided to search for some food.

We quickly came upon Wogies, and having read positive reviews (some going as far as saying the best in NYC), we felt that this would sate our appetites.

If this is the best cheesesteak in Manhattan, I will not be trying any of the others. It was edible - and relatively tasty but a far cry from what I've gotten down the shore or made in my own kitchen.

The fries were really bad (cardboard flavor), service was pretty bad (20+ minutes for 2 cheesestakes despite a nearly empty restaurant) and the cheesesteaks themselves were less than desirable.


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  1. Thanks for the up to date review. I haven't been to Wogies in over a year, so I'm disappointed to hear that the quality has gotten so poor. However, I appreciate being forewarned.

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    1. re: Guillermo

      If you've never had a cheesesteak'd probably kinda like it.

      But if you know a great will certainly be disappointed.

      I don't necessarily like a lot of grease on my cheesesteak...but I like some. This was dry as a bone.

      1. re: dkstar1

        Yes, dry and flavorless on my one visit. Had better cheesesteaks in airport bars.

        1. re: dkstar1

          I went to school in Philly, so I've had a range of cheesesteaks from greasy to dry. I remember Wogies' version being dry, which is my preference. However, I tend to place high trust in your reviews, so I'm going to factor that into my future cheesesteak decision making.

      2. Thanks for the heads up. Anyone try the wings? Had heard some good reviews, and I wanted to try them. Thanks!

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        1. re: Kimberly

          never had their cheesesteaks, but i really like their wings. sauce is made with habanero. spicy!

        2. Agreed--I just don't get the appeal of Wogie's cheesesteaks.

          1. i dont like their cheesesteaks either, but their wings are pretty good. we always get them for superbowl.

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            1. re: jon

              Their wings are good and always spicier than I think they are going to be. I agree that the cheesesteak isn't the best but my friends from Philly who are partial to chicken cheese steaks swear by Wogies.

            2. Wogies cheesesteaks are not very good. I love thier wings and waffle fries though. Were those the fries that you had? I haven't been there in a couple months and it seems from your review that the service has gone downhill which is very unfortunate as my boyfriend and I love the place. Your review has prompted me to make an effort to get back there and check it out for myself. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience as I am one of the people that consistently recommend it for good wings. But no matter how good the wings are bad service can kill the meal.