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Fig and Olive

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Going on a first date next week and he proposed this spot. The menu looks pretty interesting. Anyone have any opinions or recommendations? Thanks a bunch.

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  1. I went recently for an early dinner with a girlfriend. We shared some of the smaller plates; I remember the truffled egg salad was good, and the marinated salmon plate was also tasty. As were, of course, the olives. Nice vibe to the room.

    1. the lamb skewers are really tasty, as well as crostinis, esp the tuna one. If you are going for nibbles def try the cheese selection

      1. I tried to eat here Friday night with my boyfriend. He made a 7:30 reservation for us through Open Table. We were seated promptly (toward the back, uptown location) and the place was full. Our waiter brought us bread and water soon after we sat, and then proceeded to completely ignore us. We sat with our menus closed, trying to catch his eye as he wandered back and forth and took care of other tables. Several other servers kept walking by as well. We felt invisible. After 25 minutes of sitting there, we got up and left. No one said a word, including our waiter, who finally seemed to notice us out of the corner of his eye. I told the hostess why we were leaving on our way out and she looked shocked but didn't say a word. Our experience has been that, when service starts out so bad, even if you talk to the manager, things don't improve much. There's simply no reason for this in a city with so many good restaurants. We had a lovely stroll and meal at La Bonne Soupe instead.

        1. I live nearby and have been to Fig & Olive on many first dates and haven't been disappointed. They have a nice selection of wines by the glass and the food is very good and great for sharing. I haven't had any issues with slow service, but if the date is going well, you shouldn't notice even if the service is slow. If it's a bad date, pray for quick service.

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            Good to hear that our experience doesn't seem to be a common one, but it was frustrating for us. We would have been happy to wait if someone had just taken our drink order, or had stopped by to acknowledge that we existed as paying customers. The food did look good and we enjoyed the 3 olive oils and bread during the half hour we sat there.

          2. I have been to Fig and Olive uptown many times, for both lunch and dinner. I have always had very good service and very good food. I love their tuna carpaccio and all the small plates. I had the salmon last time I had dinner there and it was perfectly cooked. I want to try the Meatpacking location but haven't had the opportunity yet.

            1. I was pleasantly surprised by Fig & Olive (Meatpacking location). When I went to try the East side location, the service was pretty inattentive, but the food was still good. The meatpacking location is a much nicer room. I think it would be a great first date choice.
              Good luck!

              1. the meatpacking one has a great space, but can get a bit loud on saturdays (and there is a dj spinning) so ask to be seated in the back right corner if you want a more intimate setting. as far as the food is concerned, I have not been very impressed by the entrees but the salads, appetizers, crostini and tasting plates are fantastic, as is the wine list, so I've been back quite a few times...

                1. Very tasty the cheese is really great, def go for the lamb kabobs.

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                    Wow, what a blast from the past to see this string get going again! I started this exactly a year ago. While the food and service was delicious, things didn't work out so much with the guy. I definitely really enjoyed the meal though and would recommend at least the uptown location of fig and olive.