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Apr 17, 2006 03:00 PM

La Foccaceria Is Back

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As we know, Vinnie Bondi retired to Florida and closed La Foccaceria on 1st Ave. between 7th and St. Marks.

The great news is that he gave the name, recipes and style to his Mexican waitress and cook, and they've reopened on the west side of First Avenue one door above 13th Street. (This is not the same as another Vinnie's a few doors up.)

I was there on Saturday, and everything is as it was, except the room is a little larger and they have a full bar, plus the cook as added a Hispanic menu.

The lima bean soup was still rich and deeply flavored, with a splash of excellent olive oil. The beef pizaioula still floated an inch off the plate on garlic fumes. The linguini with garlic and erl is still the paradigm. They still offer vasteddi, and though I didn't see the insulata di mare, the menu seems to have all of Vinnie's other dishes on it, plus his low, low prices.

We 'hounds need to support this place, which IMHO is the best Sicilian place in town. (Fernando's in Brooklyn is also good, but the prices are 50% more, with smaller portions.)

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  1. How is this place for a group of 8 diners? Still good (and still in existence)?
    Is it called La Foccaceria? I read on another post that it was a part of Rancho El Girasol.

    1. Rancho El Girasol on First Ave. is closed, with no sign as to where the chef has gone. This was a lesson for me that if you want a place to survive, you have to patronize it. The Focacceria in the Village has no relationship to the original, as I understand it.

      1. I'm confused. Someone help - is the La Focacceria menu available or not? Is the Mexican restaurant closed? B/C I'm dying for that Siclian-type of cuisine, and my birthday dinner is in 4 days!

        1. I think it's completely gone. I think Joe's of Avenue U might have the best reputation for Sicilian foccacieria food if you're willing to go to Brooklyn. I believe it's right near the F train.

          1. What a drag. I missed these postings. Avenue U might be a little far. Any other suggestions?