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Apr 15, 2006 11:02 PM

Corner Bistro burger

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Having lived in NYC for nearly a year now I still haven't made it to the Corner Bistro - does their burger live up to the hype?


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  1. gotta say, i had one at 3 am last night and it hit the spot! very tasty, especially after a long night of drinking.

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    1. re: mj

      Usually good, not great - that being said, it can occasionally be transitory.

      Better choices out there, search the board or track down the burger clubs site.

      1. re: EV Andrew

        first rule of burger club: don't talk about burger club!

        how would i go about joining the ranks of these burger afficionados?

        corner bistro is quite disappointing. fairly small and they seemed to be reheated at 3 in the morning. the broiler rack leaves much to be desired. in fact, i would almost place the burgers from karavas pizza ahead of it. coming out of fat cat jazz, it's an easier destination than corner bistro.

        neither hold a candle to the burger joint's awe-inspiring, belt-busting burgers. i cut my tooth on the cheeseburger with the works, not much else has topped it. however, i'm planning 2 separate lunches at the shack this week. i plan on sampling the franks too.

        1. re: kwanito

          Let us know. Details please...

          1. re: kwanito

            First of all the burger at corner bistro is nothing more than just the kind of burger you get at the beach all summer. I am suspicious those that love it did not grow up with them and those that dislike it have this simple slightly over cooked dish regularly (I guess there could be a nostalgia factor as well) , see it for what it is.
            Secondly the Shake shack makes a nice burger but all this best blah blah is silly. Shake shack grew out of a hot dog cart and the Chicago dog is the reason to go. The potato bun they use for their burgers adds a sweetness and a chew that makes a nice change sometimes, so if thatÂ’s your bag grab one. But it aint best in the city either
            My favorite and the most dependable burger in the city at the moment is at the burger joint (the real one in Le Parker Meridian).


            1. re: augieland

              I have eaten at every burger joint in the city that's been recommended on this board. I just got back from Santa Fe where I sampled one of the best in the country-the Bobcat Bite green chile cheeseburger. Went to New Haven for Louis' Lunch-the place that invented the damn things. Had Parker Meridien Burger Joint before I left just for comparison. One disgusting night I ate at Molly's (great) and then Shake Shack (OK).I still maintain that Corner Bistro is at or near the top of the list. By the way Augie, you inspired me to have a $300 omakase with Chef Morimoto-memorable (until the sake kicked in and I couldn't finish my last course and dessert(abalone and the cheesecake), but still great.

      2. No.
        It's famous for being famous, but really, it is nothing to praise.

        1. I think it is justifiably famous and is the best burger in the city.

          Shake Shack and others mentioned in the same breath don't hold a candle to the Corner Bistro.

          1. Nope. Corner Bistro was my first, and remains one of the most significant, overhype-disppointments to be found on Chowhound.

            Burger Joint, Shake Shack, and others are all better.

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            1. re: big o

              The answer:

              Two burger chefs. very similar looking. One is God, one the Devil.

              It's hard to believe that two guys with the same ingredients and tools can create such diammetrical results. But they can and do.

              My trick: when I enter the dining room, and pass the chef, I smile and say "hi". If I get a pleasant smile and wave back, it's the good guy (and I order up a storm). if I get a snarl, it's the bad guy (and I stick to beer).


              1. re: Jim Leff

                Kinda like your description of the Demarco sons?

                1. re: meatme

                  The Evil Twin phenomenon is a long running CH theme.


                  1. re: meatme

                    No. I just think that of Mr. Demarco's three children, two cook a lot better (and appear to try harder) than the third.

                    In the corner bistro case, I honestly think it's a situation akin to the Star Trek episode where the transporter split someone into Good Version and Bad Version. It's eerie. And it accounts for the wildly, wildly diammetrical postings on this place (and which I myself have experienced).

                    But the greet-as-you-enter trick works. Chowhounding's all about strategizing.


                    1. re: Jim Leff

                      Agree on strategizing. Speaking of strategizing and burgers, went to Shake Shack with the fam on Sunday at 1, was pleasantly surprised by the mere 30 minute line. And to the poster who considers the Shack burger puny, that's why God invented the double Shack. My 13 year old declared it the second best burger he's ever eaten (first place goes to the Jenny's Giant Burger in Fort Bragg, Ca)

                  2. re: Jim Leff


                    Would anyone who lives nearby, or perhaps just visits frequently, happen to know the schedule of these opposing ground-beef forces?

                    I live just a short subway ride away, but would prefer to do my beer drinking elsewhere, should Cheeseburger Satan happen to be manning the broiler.

                    1. re: big o

                      It's random. I've tried. Again, use my trick when entering. It works.

                      1. re: Jim Leff

                        The strange thing is that I've been there with a group, and commented on my burger being dry and tasteless. The other people in my group argued that I was wrong, that it was a great burger and somehow I lacked the perception needed to appreciate it. I don't get the cult around this place. I get better, juicier, tastier burgers at every other bar I go to.

                2. My only two experiences must have been with the evil cook. Each time, from my seat at the bar, I watched in horror as he pulled a rack of burgers out and used his spatula to press down on each half-cooked patty with all his might, squeezing out the juices and flavor (I actually wanted to yell "Don't do that!" but didn't have the nerve).

                  When I got my supposedly medium rare burgers, they were dry and tasteless. Not worth the hype when, as other posters have mentioned, there are better burgers out there.