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Neighborhood butchers

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We all know about the famous butcher shops -- Lobel's, Florence, Ottamanelli's, etc.

But with the decline of the neighborhood butcher, are there any non-famous butcher shops left? Are there any little neighborhood butchers remaining in Manhattan?

-- Paul

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  1. Near me are:
    Suburban Meat, York Ave & 79 St
    Conte's, York Ave & 89 St.

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      Hell's Kitchen: Sonny's 758 10th Avenue, 51-52nd St

    2. 2nd Ave. bet. 23rd and 22nd.
      Gramercy Meat Market - all organic meats.

      1. I don't know if it is famous or not, but I've always been very happy with the service/product at Oppenheimer Meats on Broadway and 98th

        Link: http://oppenheimermeats.com/index.html

        1. Simchick on First Avenue and 52nd Street, in a great little food row:
          Simchik Meats, Ideal Cheese, Pisacane Fish. Wine store across the street.

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            It would have been a greater food row if only they, or some of them, would be open on Sundays.

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              I agree. I like that little food row, but they all close before I leave work every day, and they're not open Sunday.

              And just so no Simchik fans panic, they're moving very soon, but only like a block or two. So they'll be two blocks north of their current location.

          2. Dom's, on Lafayette, opposite Kenmare.

            1. Pinos'!Right next to St.Anthonys' church on Sullivan Street.Homemade boar and venison sausage in the fall..

              1. Kurowycky on 1st Ave, St. Marks
                the butcher on 2nd Ave, 9th St next to the library
                --both excellent

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                  That's the East Village Meat Market on 2nd Ave. I agree that both EVMM and Kurowycky are awesome butchers.

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                    FYI, the East Village Meat Market is also known as Baczynsky's. It's the same place.

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                      is everything really fresh in Baczynskys? Im always afraid there's not enough turnover.

                      1. re: jls602

                        Never had a problem. Everything is pretty much cut to order. re Kurowycky: RIP :(

                    2. re: pablog

                      For anyone reading this list after April 2007, Kurowycky is now a thing of the past. According to a New York Times interview with the owner there just weren't enough customers between their big ham seasons (Easter and Christmas). Hey, I did my part. This is a heartbreaker.

                  2. Casablanca at E. 106th St and Park Ave in E. Harlem. The line is always out the door.

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                      At 110th and Park Ave!

                    2. In Brooklyn: years ago I would go to a little place about a block off Flatbush Ave at M or N--Torre or LaTorre brothers, I think. Bakery next door. Now I frequent Los Paisanos on Smith Street around Bergen. Love those guys. They serve an incredibly diverse clientele. Niman ranch stuff among other things, plus there own house sausage, and, they told me, 400# of oxtails per week. Also, there is an Irish guy on Fifth Avenue around 9th Street--called Western something or other. Haven't been in years; not upscale but good quality, and very, very helpful and friendly.

                      1. And any that would make me haggis?


                        1. Also Schatzies - Madison in the high 80s, Schaller & Weber - 3rd Ave (?) and 85th. Holland Court - Lex & 93rd.

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                          1. Jeffrey (maybe Jeffreys Meats, or something...) in Essex St. Market (LES). Always has great meats, also there are two fish stalls in the market as well. And two Cheese stalls, multiple produce, a couple sandwich stalls... the place is going upscale!

                            1. I strongly recommend the Chelsea Court Meat market, a family run butcher in Chelsea on 9th Avenue. The owners are always there, they provide outstanding cuts of meat, trimmed to your request at an excellent price. Highly recommended.