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Mar 10, 2003 12:01 PM

give peas(chick) a chance at Small World

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I had a very good falafel at Small World in downtown Napa - crispy on the outside and moist inner....lots of vegetables/onions and the three squeeze bottles of sauces. Very tasty. The baklava wasn't ready yet so I didn't get to try this homemade treat here. The counter guy who made our falafels was very friendly and helpful. Here's a link to Melanie's original post on Small World.....928 Coombs St. Napa (near 1st St) 707. 224-7743


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    Jennie Sheeks

    Mmmm, I got falafel to go from Small World on Friday, and they included in the box little containers of tahini and hotsauce. The falafel was still warm when I hit my not-so-exotic destination of the laundromat, but that falafel made the experience so much more pleasant than usual.

    1. Given the current state of the economy, I wanted to bring this tread forward from 2003. I just had lunch here and like to go frequently for their delicious falafel plate. Lots of other menu items, but I'm stuck on that dish. It's super casual - order at the counter and then choose a beverage from the refrigerator case and choose a table (a few are available on the front sidewalk). The owner is super nice - has a couple of signs promoting world peace. I like supporting this wonderful little place "off the beaten path".

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        wonderful little place "off the beaten path".
        Nice to bring this up but tread lightly.

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          Thanks for the update

          Small World Restaurant
          1385 Napa Town Ctr, Napa, CA