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Best SoHo Delivery- Chinese, Mex, Thai, Pizza, etc...

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just moved to the neighborhood-
I'm guessing Lombardi's will be good as ever when it comes to delivery but as for these others, can anybody help me out? not averse to take-out only joints either.
Thanks guys.

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  1. help a new guy (back) in town---please!

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    1. re: capekweer

      For Chinese, I order from Suzie's on Bleecker. If nothing else, it's there in 15 minutes.
      Thai: Village Thai on 3rd.
      I order from Café Noir a lot.
      Also Sosa Borella on Washington.

      1. re: Chow, Baby

        Ouch but Suzies is really really bad. My husband loves to try to drag me there for lunch and I inevitably feel ill. Rosie and Ting is a good one for chinese. Or Grand Szechuan. Or there are places in chinatown will deliver to Soho.

        For Mex, Radio Mexico.

        For Thai...Sea, Island, Kelly and Ping.

        For pizza, lombardi's, arturo's

        For Indian, Brick Lane.

        1. re: Nehna

          i'm somewhat shocked Rosie&Ting gets a recommendation...i haven't been there in six years, but it was vile when i went..has it improved??...

          1. re: Simon

            I used to order from there a lot a cpl years ago, though I admit not since....was always one of my favorites. Certainly on another level from Suzies...I really really hate that place ;)

    2. Otto
      Peppe Rosso

      If you find a good chinese, let me know. Id rather wait a little while than eat Suzies. Not that it is terrible, just very average.

      1. I had a stack of menus by my phone about 4 inches thick...

        My picks:

        Suzie's- chinese
        Spring Street Natural- health food
        Pizza Booth- pizza
        Koo Sushi-fast, fresh and remembered your payment info
        Quan- alternative to koo, love the tiger eye appetizer
        Fresh Tortillas- Mexican
        Snack- best lamb sandwhich ever
        Sparky's- organic burgers and hot dogs free from mystery meat and fillers
        Goodfellas Kitchen- very good italian

        1. For Lombardi's, don't you "bad as ever"?...the last two times i went there, the food was so awful i will never return...

          on the more positive side, i recommend Snack, on Thompson St.

          1. I third Snack. I'm partial to their lamb stifado, taramasalata and greek salad. I also love their saganaki, but it doesn't travel well.

            If you're not averse to take-out joints, I would highly recommend La Conquita on Lafayette (Cleveland Pl./Prince). Everything I have had there has been delicious and inexpensive: rice and beans, plantains, roasted pork, roast chicken.

            You could also try Mooncake Foods on Watts. The steak sandwich, Thai steak salad and miso glazed salmon are quite popular.

            I have been underwealmed by Pepe Rosso. I find their pasta to be overcooked and drowning in sauce. If anyone could recommend a particularly distinguished pasta on their menu, I'm all ears.

            I have also found that Lombardi's pizza, while generally solid in-house, does not hold up well in delivery.

            Finally, while I have not tried it yet, I wonder if Pardo's delivers to SoHo. Does anyone know?

            1. Prem-On is far and away the best Thai option; don't let anyone tell you otherwise. A rare Manhattan Thai place that doesn't drastically overcook proteins. The green curry stands out among several strong options.

              24 Prince is on the mark in terms of comfort food and the delivery is the smoothest (albeit not the speediest) I've experienced. The portions are modest for comfort food. I'm fond of the meatloaf, the creamy polenta, and the first rate mac and cheese.

              Snack is pretty good. The lamb sandwich, avgalemono, and cucumber dip with extra pita are good choices. After a while their food is overbearingly garlicly.

              Dragon Gate might deliver to some parts of SoHo. Sadly, they won't come to me; it would be a world of possibilities.

              Acme's Fried Chicken comes through in very good shape.

              I've never had delivery from Bread, but maybe I'll try it.

              Le Gamin has tremendous roast potatoes, good crepes, good roast chicken. Seriously, the potatoes are good.

              Do Hwa and Li Hua are good options for Korean.

              Nam Son might reach into SoHo.

              Nolita House has good Mac and Cheese (sans bacon) but I'm not confident about anything else they serve.

              Like the other poster said, Pepe Roso pretty much sucks, but I do like their eggplant parm.

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                Agree on Prem-On, had a great meal there the other month.

              2. On the west side of Soho, I get Mooncake Foods and Lupe's a lot. Comes in 10 minutes. Lupe's has excellent enchiladas mole for under $10. Mooncake for the sliced skirt steak for about the same price.

                Been meaning to try Peep for Thai.

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                  Mekong for vietnamese, love it
                  sammys for chinese - 2 different sammys i like the one on 11th
                  grey dog for sandwiches and turkey burgers
                  moondance diner for greasy omelettes when you are hungover.
                  vietcafe for bun and pho
                  you can get take out from Blue ribbon sushi they will call when its ready and u go get it.
                  hummous place for masbacha
                  peep & prem on for thai
                  koo for fast quick sushi

                  i need a good mexican