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Apr 8, 2006 12:01 PM

Maremma... Just OK

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WEnt to Maremma on W. 10th for the first time Friday night and basically it was just OK, nothing great, not bad...

It was pretty empty on a Friday evening. I had the papardelle with wild boar sauce, which was good, but definitely not the best I've ever had in the city... I had a much better version at Falai and elsewhere..

Husband had the short ribs, which were good not great... The others both had the meatloaf, which again was just OK..

Desserts were pretty lacking. I had the torta, which was a tiny slice of chocolate cake with a tiny ball of hazelnut gelato.. Ok, buy truly tiny..Husband had the mind panna cotta, fine..

Will not be returning, too mediocre with all of the excellent places in NYC. Service was also amateurish..

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  1. Yesterday afternoon I made a reservation for dinner, our first visit, and mentioned we might be a little late. In fact we were twenty-five minutes late, and upon arrival we learned we had been marked a no-show. However, we were told there should be a table within ten minutes.

    We stood in the vestibule for forty minutes. No one said a word to us, not to offer a glass of water or wine or anything.

    Fortunately, there are several restaurants just up Hudson Street, so we went out and had a very nice dinner at Alfama. We won’t be back.