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Apr 4, 2006 04:02 PM

Anyone been to Le Madeleine

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Anyone been to Le Madeleine (w 43rd in theater district) recently for a pre-theater meal?

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  1. Not for a pre-theater meal but I have been there a number of times and I like the food and the service.

    1. We were there about nine months ago. Certainly solid and enjoyable. Not spectacular in any way, but a good alternative in that neighborhood. Pre-fixe options are good ones.

      1. s
        steve from rhinebeck

        I also have'nt been to Le Madeleine for pre-theater. But I have been for there for lunch and dinner. A very enjoyable experience. Well prepared dishes, a pleasant atmosphere, coupled with a very accommodating staff made for a good dinning experience. I would imagine there pre-theater dinner would be the same. Enjoy Steve

        1. any other thoughts on this restaurant. i'm deciding between here and rene pujol... would le madeleine save a lot of money. price is slightly important...