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Apr 3, 2006 04:42 PM

Ronald's Pizza Cafe?

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We were walking around the LES yesterday and saw this place, Ronald's Pizza Cafe at 74 Orchard Street. You can see the wood burning pizza oven from the street. Has anybody tried this place? Any good?

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  1. Yes, it's great. The pizza is excellent, very fresh ingredients; the crisp crust carries the scent of the wood-burning oven. I've been getting it with fresh ricotta and sausage--it's good stuff. The pasta has always been cooked to a firm degree of al dente, which I quite like. Caesar salad had a powerful dressing--just enough anchovy. The handsome staff (mostly Italian) seems very friendly, but I've only gotten food to go so I can't comment on service. Setting is nice, though, with tables across from the small bar and more in an upstairs area, I saw people sitting at a table outside over the sunny weekend.

    I'm glad it's open because there had been a dearth of good-quality, reasonably priced Italian food in the LES.

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