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Mar 26, 2006 10:25 AM

Swedish Princess Cake

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I remember my sister getting me a wedding shower cake from Victoria Pastry Co. in San Francisco and I am looking for something similar in NYC for a baby shower. Here is a description of the cake to give you an idea of what I am looking for: One favorite is the princess cake, which boasts layers of sponge cake soaked in triple sec and filled with raspberries, whipped cream, and custard, topped with a smooth dome of marzipan. This cake is beautiful and delicious! Any one have any ideas?

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  1. i'm not certain of the cake but i do have a fun and delicious idea for a baby shower. duane st patisserie takes orders (ten days to a week in advance) for old fashioned looking baby cookies. they do pacifiers, carriages, rattles, rocking horses etc outlined in colored icing - yellow, blue, pink, violet.......they are beautiful to look at, always impressive and also tasty. if you don't find the cake you're looking for, check these out.

    1. Had never heard of Princess Cake before so I started Googling. Found lots of recipes if you're interested in trying it yourself. But Crumbs, on 3rd avenue between 78 & 79 also popped up on menupages. Never heard of Crumbs, either. Perhaps someone on the board can give you some input on their quality. The menupages reviews are certainly positive.

      Link: http://www.menupages.com/restaurantde...

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        Crumbs really is not good. Not terrible, but there's so much better out there. Their thing is cupcakes in unusual flavors and they are pretty commercial and sometimes "chemical" tasting. Sugar is the most discernable flavor in their goods, and that is coming from someone who loves "sweet."

        For beautifully decorated and delicious french-style cakes, Payard. And for the same in American homestyle cakes, Two Little Red Hens. Both make cakes which taste as good as they look, which cannot be said for Crumbs.

        Link: http://www.payard.com/cakes1.php

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          try sugar sweet bakery on rivington, LES. they are flexible, make lots of different things. maybe they would be willing to try out the cake you describe...

      2. i wish i could help you! princess cake is my favorite cake in the world! if you do find a pastry shop that carries it, let us know.

        the only place i can think of is ikea. they sell them frozen, however, they are pretty small! you would need to buy a few of them for your party. ;)

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          Two Little Red Hens makes Almond Princess Cake that sounds like it's related to Swedish Princess Cake. I don't think they have it all the time but it's delicious whether it's authentic or not.

        2. if you contact restaurant aquavit in manhattan they will make a princess cake for you ,, when i was the pastry chef there we did several a month for customers, they usually require a 24 hour notice

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            Marianne Pilgrim

            Thank you everyone for your responses re: swedish princess cake...I doubt I will try to make the cake, but I will certainly call aquavit and see if they'll make one.

          2. If you ever happen to be looking for a Princess cake again, the best one is made by Aquavit (65 E. 55th St). You need to special order it, but it isn't too expensive.