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Mar 26, 2006 12:45 AM

Mirchi closed

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Mirchi, on 7th Ave in the Village, has been dark for about a week now, and there's a "For Rent" sign in the window. Weirdly, the tables are all neatly set and ready for diners.

The place had been going downhill for a while now (the last meal I had there was seriously un-spicy), but I thought the closing is notable anyway.

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  1. I went there only once and it was empty. I didn't think the food was good enough to come back for...
    Thanks for the information. Lots of closed places on 7th Avenue... the espresso bar near W. 10th, the restaurant next to Rafaella's that was there for years...

    1. you beat me to it. we went for brunch yesterday and found it closed. too bad. yes they had dropped in quality recently. yes it was also weird seeing it all set to go inside but closed and with a for rent sign on the outside. i loved the place for pan indian street foods, there was/is nothing like it in the village.

      1. sigh
        i will miss this place... mainly b/c it had sentimental value as i have memories of a great birthday dinner there....the street food or appetizers were the best part.. and the only thing i really ever ate at this place.. kind of sad that its gone.... now that the guy i went there with is gone from my life.... i guess its symbolic for me that it closed down.