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Zibetto Espresso Bar- 56th and 6th

Spoony Bard Mar 24, 2006 12:39 PM

Gutsy, chic little place opened recently across from a Starbucks, next door to a Jamba Juice. There is hope for NYC yet!

It's an Italian-style standing-room and espresso only bar. Their beans are Danesi from Rome, the same kind found at Babbo and Otto.

Menu includes espresso drinks starting at $2, as well as sodas (including San Bitter, Chinotto, and Coke in glass bottles), humble-looking panini, and a few pastries.

My macchiato came with a shot of lemon ice-water and a tasty mini almond biscotti. The coffee? Probably the smoothest I've ever tasted. This is an espresso to convert non-espresso drinkers.

I'd like to suggest that you sneer across 6th Ave, but that would be redundant.

Zibetto Espresso Bar
1385 6th Ave. at 56th St. (SW corner)

Link: http://www.nymag.com/restaurants/open...

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  1. d
    doc RE: Spoony Bard Mar 24, 2006 06:15 PM

    been there twice..indeed, the place has good stuff

    1. lambretta76 RE: Spoony Bard Jul 6, 2006 08:20 PM

      Has anyone had the food there? I'm planning on grabbing a shakerato there tomorrow, but was trying to figure out where nearby to grab lunch. But if they have food...

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      1. re: lambretta76
        Mr Conlin RE: lambretta76 Jul 31, 2007 04:47 PM

        So how was the Shakerato? I make em' at home, and will be in the nabe tomorrow.

      2. c
        cma212 RE: Spoony Bard Aug 1, 2006 11:11 PM

        they don't really have much in terms of food. but the drinks are amazing (lattes, cappuccino, etc).

        1. t
          theannerska RE: Spoony Bard Aug 2, 2006 12:06 AM

          Good coffee in midtown! This is awesome, thank you.

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