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Mar 23, 2006 01:48 PM


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So I was walking home last night in the West Village and took a different route and spotted a restaurant called Amettler, a French Catalan restuarant. The menu sounds wonderful and reasonably priced, plus it's BYOB. I immediately made a reservation for this weekend and will post my review--but has anyone ever been? What's good, what to avoid? I think it opened within the last couple months.


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  1. Its a very pleasant neighborhood place. The service is a bit absent, it was only one waitress when I was there, but she did seem eager to please. I had the gnocci which I did not like, it felt too heavy, not the most effective use of the gnocci. However, my girlfriend had the chicken which we both agreed was quite good.

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      i went in there the first day they were open. i was put off. the owners were both there- seemingly sceney 20 somethings who really could have cared less that i was a potential customer, never mind about the service or the food. granted, they were probably tired, but one didn't even know how to pronounce, or the origin, of the name of the place! i really didn't get a good impression. i haven't been back since, though my aunt did go and liked the food. i just felt like i was inside of a wanna-be fashion magazine rack. no soul, you know?

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      New Orleanianette

      So I went tonight with several friends. The food was so-so and the service was awful. Oh well. I wanted it to be good, since it is so cheap and so convenient, but unfortunately it was a let down. The chicken with ham and goat cheese was too buttery; the wild boar meatballs were too tough and too sweet; the chicken crepe was bland. Even the cheese platter left something to be desired. Well, at least we tried, and it was very cheap.

      1. I was very excited when Amettler opened as I live in the neighborhood. I went often during the first month or so and really wanted it to succeed, but I simply cannot bring myself to spend my money there anymore.

        It's a very cute place and both the coffee and the food is quite good, but the service is so frustratingly lazy, inefficient and disorganized that it becomes maddening. Also, the owners basically just complain about how little sleep they get and how tough it is to run a cafe. Not what you want to hear when you're eating their food and giving them your cash. I gave it some time to improve, but returned to endure the same painful type of experience.

        The saving grace in the are has been Cafe Condesa. It's very similar in vibe but the staff is wonderful - accomodating and efficient. The food is delicious and has spanish inflections. Go there instead!

        1. New Favorite Place- just went there the other night and got the Duck breast. Really amazing. My friend got the gnocchi and it was pretty good. Otherwise the BYO policy is great.