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Mar 21, 2006 11:52 AM

Saigon Grill coming to University Pl.

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Should I be excited or dreading it? I've seen posts here about the upper westside one that vary from fawning over it to saying it's awful...

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  1. I wouldn't be too excited. Saigon Grill is UES/UWS's overhyped excuse for Vietnamese food, and while edible, it's nothing to write home about, especially the gloppy, oversweet stirfry dishes. Might as well go to Chinatown or even over to Bao 111 instead.

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    1. re: J

      How can you compare Bao 111 to Saigon Grill???

      That's like comparing Joya (excellent Thai food at unbelievable prices) to Spice Market....

    2. nothing special...but a solid delivery option. i like monsoon a bit better for dine-in.

      1. Be excited, for what it is, it's terrific. The food is more authentic than alot of detractors on this board will suggest. I agree that it is better for take out than eat in, but for the price, quanity and quality it's a great addition to any neighborhood.

        1. Solid food - tasty and consistant - not like you need to throw a parade about it - but be glad to have the new addition.

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            Exactly. If nothing else, you can stop torturing yourself with that place on 13th, which isn't quite bad enough to absolutely blacklist but is really pretty mediocre when you do drag yourself in...

          2. I've had it. It's pretty decent for neighborhood restaurant on a good day, but nothing that I'd make a special trip for. I have a feeling it's run by Chinese, or at least the chef is, based on the cooking...