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Mar 21, 2006 08:49 AM

Where is the "green sandwich" place?

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Does anyone know where the green sandwich place is? I think it is a sandwich with just different and tasty greens in it, as well as a special sauce. I know it is in Chinatown. Calvin Trillin talks about it in FEEDING A YEN. Any good? Worth the trip? Much thanks

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  1. Search below I wrote a post on it, I did not like it, its sesame bread with some mustard greens that I thought was very very overrated. If you must try it's below the bridge on east broadway, if you're walking east it will be in a small stand / shop wiht lots of street food.

    I recommend trying the sandwich at Dumpling House which is much better albeit quite different (basically Da Bing with pickled veges, beef and sauce).

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      I too thought it was overrated, particularly because the greens weren't washed very well and were very gritty. Also, the bread quickly turns mushy from the moisture so if you don't get there early and eat it quickly some of the bread might be soggy. Of course, it's only $1, so it's not an expensive tasting experiment.

      Like the poster said, it's below the Manhattan bridge, on the right when you're walking east (not the side of E. Broadway with the buses).

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        Love that dumpling house sandwich!

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          It's basically those mustardy greens stuffed in a sesame bun thing. Kinda greasy too.

          Where is this Dumpling House??

          1. re: Jane P.

            Anyone been here lately? I want to make an expedition for lunch but would like some confirmation that it won't be useless.

            1. re: Produce Addict

              Answering my own question, it is there and it was pretty good, but more like "good value and tasty" than "I would trek miles for this.'

            2. re: Jane P.

              My usual question: is there a veggie sammich at Dumpling House?