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Mar 17, 2006 11:32 PM

Help - BLT Steak or Capital Grille/Mortons

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Need to know if BLT Steak is all that. I've eaten at a number of Morton's and Capital Grilles around the country, and I know they have a great steak. Have reservations at BLT steak tomorrow night (well--tonight I guess)...and I'm having last minute jitters. Really want my wife to have a great steak, and although BLT steak was highly recommended, I KNOW that Capital Grille and Mortons are great.

Can someone pat me on the back and say "Jeff---you're making the right move. BLT Steak is a break from the 'old boys club' steakhouses that you're used to--and BETTER!! Or not...

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  1. BLT Steak is one of the better restaurants in the city, steakhouse or not. (one caveat, I don’t eat beef, but have been 6 or 7 times and the people I’ve been with each time seemed to thoroughly enjoy their steaks. And despite the fact I don’t eat steak, it’s a place I’ll suggest when deciding on a restaurant, because the rest of their food is that good.) I can’t compare it to Capital Grille or Mortons as I’ve not been to either, but compared to other steakhouses I’ve been to, the setting is nicer, (the room is sleek and sophisticated yet comfortable), and food is a whole other level from typical steakhouse fare – definitely not like an ‘old boys club’ steakhouse. Their raw bar items are pristine. I’ve had the grilled tuna many times and it’s divine (particularly with the caper brown butter sauce). One of the highlights of the meal are their popovers. Huge brioche with cheese melted on top – I could make a meal of these alone. Though they don’t need a thing, try them with a little butter and the sea salt they bring to the table. Their ice cream sundae desserts are also terrific. They add chunks of interesting ingredients, such as nougat, which give them a great textural contrast. Their sides are also excellent. My favorites are the creamed spinach (some of the best I’ve had anywhere) and the parmesan gnocchi. The one dish I’ve had that was a dud, was the lemon chicken, but you’re not going there for that. Alas, this still doesn’t answer your “great steak” question – hopefully someone will chime in on that - but it’s hard to imagine that Capital Grille or Morton’s would be a better dining experience than BLT Steak.

    If you do go, please report back and let us know how it was.

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      Despite the fact that I'm not a big steak person, I'm going to chime in here because this being a Saturday, postings tend to be fewer, so you many not get many responses.

      As I said, I'm hardly in a position to tell you which steakhouse is the best. However, I regularly read the steak commentaries on this board and, when the question of the best steaks in NYC comes up, I've never seen a Hound talk about either the Capital Grille or the Morton's located here. While you may have found the steak at their other locations in the US to be "great," when it comes to the locations in NYC, it would thus appear that Hounds do not share this opinion. In fact, I distinctly remember a Hound posting recently that the Capital Grille here does not measure up to the one in Boston.

      As for BLT Steak, it is often mentioned in these best steak discussions, and I've read much praise about the restaurant on other food forums as well. Plus, shortstop has given you a very positive general review. So, Jeff, I think you should stick with BLT Steak.

      1. re: RGR

        Because mortons and capital grilles are chains, we haven't been allowed to talk about it on this board. mortons midtown happens to be one of my favorites. i also quite like ben and jacks and maloney and porcellis.