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Find me the best cheesesteak in NYC

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The title says it all--what's the best?

Price/location no object, Brooklyn is OK.

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  1. I really like the cheesesteak at Carl's.

    For Brooklyn possibilities, post on the Outer Boroughs board.

    Link: http://www.carlsteaks.com

    1. 99 Miles to Philly, on 3rd ave bet 12th and 13th is pretty good too. I like the Wiz With, with some hot peppers on the side.

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        Here here, and don't forget to get some Cheez Fries, though be prepared; they require much help from beverages.

      2. IMO, Carl's is vastly, vastly superior to 99 Miles. Carl's has better meat and their bread is great.

        1. I've tried all the ones previously mentioned which are all good. However, none of them in my opinion can even come close to Tony Luke's on 43rd/9th. Not only great cheesesteaks but their roast pork w/broccoli rabe is one of the best sandwiches I've had. All their ingredients are trucked down I95 from the original Philly location.

          1. Carls. Hands-down.

            I've tried Tony Lukes and 99 Miles also, a couple of times. Tony Lukes's meat was tough, the bun was soggy, and it was a mess way before I got halfway done. 99 Miles was better, but Carl's is the place. Great bun, good meat/onions/whiz ratio, and their fries are excellent.

            1. I find Carl's superior to 99 miles.

              Just tried Philly Slim's. Meat is spicier and I liked it. Undercheesed, though. Even Double Wiz was slightly underwizzed.

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                99 miles to philly on bleeker is closed down.

                Carls is the best in the city by far. The meat, the cheese, the bread - everything is top notch. They also have great cheese fries. If you go to a yankee game go behind plate on the lower deck and get carls. It's not as good as the one's in the city, but it's damn tasty

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                  99 miles to philly just isn't good at all. Tony Luke's used to be good, but now I think it's pretty ordinary. But Tony Luke's isn't even really known for their cheese steak, ask anyone in Philly and they will say get the Roast Pork Italian sandwich. I agree.

                  I think Carl's is the best with Philly Slims coming at a close second. Regardless, we all know that as good as these steaks can be, they will not even compare to a place like Pat's down in Philly.

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                    I think I've been to all of them and I'd say:

                    1) Carl's (definitely the very best and open late nights too)
                    2) Wogies (in the West Village)
                    3) BB Sandwich Bar (not a true cheesesteak but still good)

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                      Danabee I agree with your #1 and #3. I've heard woggies is good and I've been meaning to go there. Philly Slim's isn't bad either, but they do something I find annoying, they never push the meat and cheese into the bread, it just rests on the top...very annoying.

                  2. re: ginsbera

                    Carl's hands down. Or take a ride to Pat's in Philly

                2. I don't like the cheesesteak at Wogie's, personally. Though I like the bar. There's a cheeseteak place on 9th ave up in the low 50s that i really enjoyed. Carl's was okay. Haven't been in several years, mostly because I was underwhelmed by my first three visits. (grew up just outside of philly, FWIW)

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                    Been to all except Wogies. Don't think any compare to Philly but I vote for Carl's. Wish Tony Luke's (now Shorty's) could've maintained their Roast Pork Italian standards from when they first opened.

                    1. re: guttergourmet

                      Wogies easily the best. Great for beers too...

                  2. I was born and raised in Philly before moving to New York - Carl's is the real deal.