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Mar 12, 2006 03:35 PM

sugar sweet sunshine bakery and other cupcake ramblings..

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so whats the big deal about all these cupcake places? last year i tried magnolia bakery when i was here on holiday. the cupcakes were down right awful! dry as can be...

today i walked by 'sugar sweet sunshine' in the lower east side. there was a huge line of young hipsters waiting to get cupcakes and coffee. so i bought a pumpkin, coconut, and red velvet to bring home. these cupcakes were at least moist...but completely lacked in flavor. the only good thing i can say about them was the frosting on the pumpkin cupcake. the other two frostings were awful and all three cupcakes were completely devoid of any flavor.

so why do these places have lines of people buying these things?


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  1. It's a great question you ask, junglekitte. I wish I knew the answer. I will say this though: people's taste in cupcakes seems to vary pretty wildly. There are at least a few spots that have their devotees and detractors in just about equal proportion. SSS seems to fare pretty well, on the whole (and I will say that you could have done a lot worse). But people still go back, even if they're not huge fans of the cupcakes.

    I was hoping for a big gingerbread fad, but I'm still waiting on it.



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    1. re: Nosher

      ooohhhh! i love gingerbread and never know where to buy it...what's your favorite?

      1. re: ida

        Ida - Two Little Red Hens has an unbelievable Gingerbread. Highly recommended.

    2. My Sugar Sweet Sunshine was a horrible experience: An obnoxious staffer served me awful hot chocolate and a mediocre cupcake that I ate cramped into their awkward space that uncomfortably seats maybe 10 people.


      1. Funny, I've had far better experiences at Sugar Sweet Sunshine. Tasty pistachio and chocolate cupcakes; a good apple crisp. I've ordered birthday cakes from there several times (expensive, but great it. My wife practically demands them.) The owners are very, well, very sweet.

        Can't disagree about the seating. When you can get a seat, it's a good place to hang, nice scene. I've met some pretty interesting folks there. When you can't...well, you can't. Is it worth waiting in a line out the door??? Well, practically nothing is, but I see people all over town in line for some bar, club or restaurant, so what do I know??

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          Funny how your experience with SSS is the exact opposite from mine.
          The cakes and cupcakes are ok, but nothing to drool over - I never buy from SSS because I crave their stuff but only for convenience. As for the service, is absolutely terrible, rarely have I encoutered such snotty atitude.
          But going back to the cupcakes - I suggest a blindfold taste of their cupcakes. I'm not sure you'll be able to tell the pistachio from the yellow cake etc. Chocolate (cocoa) may be the only flavor that comes through, but other than that...
          Sorry, just my opinion.

        2. c

          Kitchenette is opening a bakery on amsterdam and 78th ending the drought of dry cupcakes. The choc w/ cream and the chocolate with peanutbuuter frosting are my favsssss.I also wish that cupcake cafes cupcakes tasted as good as they looked,

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          1. re: cupcakeFANatic

            I agree with you about the Cupcake Cafe! I was so excited to try it with my kids (in combination with a trip to Books of Wonder), and was SO disappointed. The cupcakes were very heavy, dry and/or stale. Tasted like they were made days before. WTF?!?

            Oh well, the bookstore was wonderful anyway.

            1. re: parkslopemama

              Cupcake Cafe uses shortening in their frosting instead of butter, hence the lack of flavor.

              1. re: EmilyG

                yup. their frosting is one of the more disgusting things that i've tasted in recent memory.

            2. re: cupcakeFANatic

              When is Kitchenette opening on the UWS? Has it opened yet?

            3. I like the subtle taste of sugar sweet sunshine's pistachio cupcakes

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