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Mar 10, 2006 11:03 PM

Nomad (Algerian/Tunisian-French place)

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Has anyone been? I couldn't find a thread on it here. I read about the place on Andrea Strong's website.

The menu sounds Algerian to me, not necessarily "North African-French" like I read it described.


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  1. i went last night and though i found it to be charming, and friendly and sweet, i thought the food was basically fine. an eggplant terrine-like salad was deliciously spiced but the vegetable couscous required extra harrisa, lots of table salt and fervent prayer to go from no taste to some tingle. the saffron shrimp skewers were charred and satisfying but not an invitation to return. they came with little chickpea cakes - a nice touch but again, not well spiced and by little i mean.....tiny. the brik, a phyllo dough lightly fried and stuffed with tuna, capers, potatoes was.....oddly comforting and again - fine. i really find it hard to say much more than fine tho i wish i could. it's satisfactory and decent and even good but not really enough to spark a quick return. we did go on the later side and several choices were sold out for the night. i'll wait to hear what others say after they've gotten to taste them before i consider a return.

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      Thank you for the reply DJK. I really appreciate it.

      I can't find a website for them. Curious about the menu in general (how much French influence??) and the price points.

      A bientot


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        i'm not sure exactly how strong the french influence is - about what you'd expect, given the culture and the general cuisine in that area of the world. the prices are reasonable - entrees are about 14-18$ and apps are in the 6-9$ range. sardines, saffron, lamb, egg are big ingredients.....

    2. I agree with all the above comments about Nomad. I went specifically for the brik as I lived in Tunisia for a year and had one every day.

      Theirs was way too big, way too filled with potatoes, way too greasy, way too falling apart, way too hard an egg yolk,and way too requiring a knife and fork. I liked it nonetheless and had a long conversation with the waitress and manager(latter from the town I ived in in Tunisia) and they agreed with several of my comments. Hope it's better soon.

      It's also supposed to be a cheap, small piece of street food, not an overpriced appetizer, but then who am I too complain?