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Mar 10, 2006 11:54 AM

P.J. Clarke's

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Is it still good for a burger? Has anyone ventured in there recently?

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  1. Definetely nothing special. You are better off going to Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien hotel.


    1. i love the burger at pj clarke's. great flavor, great piece of onion underneath. the fries are phenomenal and the atmosphere can't be beat. if you want a crowded frat-style burger place with a great burger, go to the burger joint, but for a great burger in an old-school ny place, definitely go to pj's.

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      1. re: mj

        I second this thought.

        Maybe not the best burger in the city, but its delicious and has a great atmosphere.

        They are opening a PJ's on the West Side....Im psyched for that.

        1. re: CDB

          aren't they small though?

          1. re: Hon
            david sprague

            depends how you define "small." they're not oversized specimens (like McHale's, R.I.P.), but they're hardly sliders. Thicker than the usual burger, if a bit smaller in circumfrence.

            I've never ranked 'em among the best in town, but they are pretty tasty, and made with good meat -- which I like better as a steak tartare.

      2. The burger's really good. Be sure to order a side dish of onion strings.

        1. not a destination burger for me..but whenever i end up there it's worth it. after the rennovation, maybe it's lost a bit of the rat pack charm.

          as an upper west sider, i look forward to another burger option in the 'hood.

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          1. re: harrison

            Absolutely. It won't have the charm of the original PJ's, but it sure as sh*t beats Merlot that has been abandoned for about 4 years.

          2. the burgers are consistently good, if not great. to me, PJ's is a way more satisfying experience than some of the "better" burgers around. Hardly ever a line for tables, no rush, good beer, lots of other sides on the menu...nice atmosphere, too.

            The burgers aren't small. They're denser and rounder than some, but totally filling. And lots of options for toppings! Yum.