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Carmine's - what to order?

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It'll be my first time at Carmine's and I've heard such rave reviews about it. What should I order so that I may be similarly wowed by the food? Thanks in advance.

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  1. rave reviews? really? this is not exactly a gourmet hotbed. i trust you're going with a group to take advantage of the family size portions. stick to the basic red sauce items and maybe the chicken scarp.

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      I agree about it not being a gourmet hotbed, v. run of the mill. I like the bar though!

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        I went with work for lunch one day and we ordered WAYYYYY too much food. The appetizers alone filled us up.

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          steak and ceasar salad are great. I agree the rest of the food is just average and always very salty.

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      "Touristy" and "Bridge and Tunnel" cracks aside, the meatballs are very, very good.

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        Carmine's is Carmine's but I agree that the meatballs rock!

      2. Caesar salad, meatballs, chicken parm, tiramisu. I also recall the steak being pretty good

        1. Rave reviews? I woukld becareful who you are getting your reviews from...sorry

          1. Carmines is New York's version of the olive garden. Go to Becco instead.


            Link: http://www.muckraked.com

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              Carmine's is a lot of fun for groups and out of towners, and for anyone who's never been. Enjoy it for what it is... nothing near the Olive Garden (or Del Posto).

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                Went to Becco three times, Not impressed and just as Olive Garden like

                355 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10010

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                  agree becco was not impressive at all. would not go back

              2. Go for it! Linguine w/red clam sauce, shrimp parm, and if you have room, the tiramasu (but not the cannoli--nothing special).

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                  Peter Cherches

                  A Bromo.

                  1. We always enjoy whatever is their special salad (with roasted vegetables) and chicken parm with a side of angel hair. One order of salad and one order of the chicken parm with pasta is enough to fill up 4 adults. So be careful how many dishes you order. As another poster has said, it's easy to order WAY too much food.

                    200 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036

                    2450 Broadway, New York, NY 10024

                      1. You are set on going and you want to know what to order. They have really good shrimp parmesan. Very old school preparation, and I also like the stuffed artichoke. If I were to go, those would be my choices. I don't care for the one in Times Square, I like the UWS location much better.

                        2450 Broadway, New York, NY 10024

                        1. i've never been to carmines b/c i thought of it as a touristy place to avoid (and still do), but i find it funny that a bunch of people are replying saying don't get anything but XYZ b/c it's so good there. based on this thread they have plenty to offer and i'm actually more interested to try it out

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                            The problem with the Chowhound group think is that it won't let people admit they like a place. I will say I like Carmines for what it is. Which is a good place to take a diverse group of friends where everyone will enjoy something from the foody to the simpleton. I don't love every dish but there are enough where I can have a nice meal amongst friends. That said there are some standout dishes for me that I am happy eating. The fried zucchini and squid appetizers are always fried perfectly and seasoned well, They also giev an antipasto full of old school NYC Italia n treats. The stuffed artichoke is great as well.

                            For mains, I always demand the Saltimbocca and the Shrimp Parm. Once I have thos eI can survive anything else required by the table,

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                              Going to the theater and enjoying a meal for some is just that and it seems that the critical may be justified in demanding what they think level of gourmet food they have ordered.
                              Me I am a simple guy, love food and say those with their noses in the air
                              Go get you shine box-

                            1. Old thread but what the heck.
                              I have never had a bad meal at a Carmines. Service is consistently good as well.
                              +1 on the calamari, baked clams, the shrimp parm and the saltimbocca
                              The tartufo is also good.
                              Classic Italian American food. In bulk form.

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                                lol - totally didn't realize it. But it shows that some things never change. Probably one of the secrets to their success.

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                                  We did a child's birthday party there several years ago, for a large group of mostly grown-ups. +1 for fried calamari and good salad! The UWS location.