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Mar 3, 2006 10:36 AM

Wine by the Glass

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I recently came back from Napa Valley and have a whole new appreciation for wines.

Any great wine bars / bars / restaurants that have a great wine by the glass menu?

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  1. Veritas has one of the most extraordinary wine lists in the city. Ergo, their wine by the glass menu is excellent. Table service and bar dining.


    1. Bar Veloce in e. village (italian); Morrell's Wine Bar (Rock Center)

      1. Cru if you are looking for something high end. VinoVino in Tribeca for something more casual.

        1. Thanks for the all the replies.

          Any suggestions for great Sparkling wines / Champagnes by the glass?

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            Bubble Lounge in Tribeca, Flute in Flatiron and West 50's.

            1. re: Michelle

              fpor sparkling: Champagne Bar at Country (upstairs)

              another new entry for wine by the glass: Varietal in Chelsea

            2. Grand Central Oyster Bar has a great list by the glass including champagnes. Hearth has a very interesting list by the glass. I understand Country has a champagne bar.