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Mar 2, 2006 09:02 AM

great find - sigiri on 1st b/t 5th and 6th

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i have never had sri lankan food before but last night i went with two of my buddies to sigiri on 1st b/t 5th and 6th. what a great meal. i dont remember the proper sri lankan names, but we had hoppers (3 plain one with a fried egg), curried chicken, chicken lambrais (?) which was chicken, rice and fish cooked in a banana leaf, some fried rice thing with beef (like a fried rice cake), devilled chicken (extra spicy) and papadam (like little fried noodles). the devilled chicken was the best. i thought it was very very spicy with lots of different types of chili's and chili pepper's mixed in with chicken thighs. our waiter said it wasnt spicey enough for him so we told him we wanted it his way next time we came in. the food was fantastic and the place was nice and cozy without being cramped. id highly recommmend it.

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  1. that place is really fantastic. went with some coworkers and friends - one of whom is sri lankan - and had such a good meal that we organized a second trip for a larger group a week later. really unique. have to try the treacle for desert - some kind of almondy flan stuff was also amazing. nice staff too - highly recommend.

    1. Another plus is that it is BYOB. There is a grocery store sort of downstairs from Sigiri that has a great selection of international beers. You'll want plenty of cold beers to go with the devilled meats. I really liked the complexity of the spice, and it's seemed a lot less heavy than Indian food, which I love, but always tends to put me into a food coma.

      1. We just went to Sigiri on Saturday night; amazing. We don't eat meat, so there wasn't a whole lot to choose from, but what we did eat was incredible. Devilled (grilled) kingfish was delcious, grilled to perfection with a sweet (almost barbecue-esque) but HOT sauce (we ordered mild, and it was the hottest mild I'd ever had - my wife and I were sweating, and we're used to spicy food; I can't even imagine what "spicy" at Sigiri would entail). The fish is cut into pieces and tossed with grilled onions and tomatoes. We also had the aapa (hoppers) with coconut filling, two plain and one with fried egg -- they were so refreshing to eat alongside the spicy fish. We had the appetizer sampler, which was good, but all deep-fried and it really paled in comparison to the flavor explosion of the devilled fish. We also had a roti appetizer, which was quite good -- I'm not sure what exactly was inside it, but it reminded me of a samosa except that instead of in a deep-fried shell, the filling was wrapped in roti. For dessert, we ordered something that begins with a W-, which was great -- sort of like a flan flavored with cinnamon, cardamom, maybe rose-water?, with cashews. The prices are reasonable and it's BYOB (the grocery downstairs has a good selection of beer -- I had a large Stone IPA that went great with the spicy food). We will definitely return- maybe experiment with the curry next time. By the way, the devilled meat dishes looked amazing - wish we could've eaten it.

        1. I went to this place last week.. I cant wait to go back. I am thinking I might have to go some time this week.. The reviews above are right on point

          1. I'm posting a dissenting opinion here. I went for dinner tonight. I got the vegetable soup, which was tasty, except that I really felt it was too salty. I then got the Sri Lankan Fish Stew. The concept of the dish was fine, in terms of the use of a black pepper/mustard seed/coconut paste. I thought, again, that it was a bit salty, but that is a minor point, because the real problem is that the fish was noticeably old-tasting. I ate about 2/3 of the dish, anyway, but I would find it hard to consider going back. And for the record, I told the waiter that I couldn't take the dish home, because the fish already tasted old and would be no good tomorrow. He didn't reply. There are also minor irritants that should be considered by anyone who is easily disturbed by noises. For example, every time the hose was used in the kitchen, it produced a high-pitched screech. But things like that wouldn't matter much to me if the food had been nearly as good as the rest of you felt it was. Unfortunately, I was not impressed at all.