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Mar 1, 2006 06:48 PM

Recommendation for Chinese wedding banquet in Manhattan

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I'm looking for an excellent chinese banquet for a wedding reception in new york. Good food, nice ambiance, and good service. I've found tse yang and jimmy sung's? Any recommendations?

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  1. I had my rehearsal dinner at The Nice Restaurant (35 E Broadway) in Chinatown. Of the several places that I researched, I was most imrpessed with this place. The service and food were tremendous. Also, they appeared cleaner than some other places in Chinatown. My family from out of town thought the Peking Duck was the best they'd ever had.

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    Good luck!

    1. We were invitees to a full-bore Chinese wedding dinner at Jing Fong, and the food was wonderful, with quite an enjoyable ceremony - outrageous, in fact. Jing Fong specializes in this, and had two other ceremonies going on in other rooms as well.

      1. hi! i'm in the same predicament as you. have you found a place?

        1. Look into S. Dynasty (formerly called Sung Dynasty): 511 Lexington Ave (E. 48th St.), on the 2nd floor. It's located in the Radisson Hotel on Lex (formerly the Lexington Hotel). My brother had his wedding banquet there, as did one of my friends, and they both had very positive experiences. The staff was very accommodating, the space is nice & tasteful (and I believe they renovated recently), and the food was very good--surprisingly better than a lot of the banquet restaurants in Chinatown. When my friend got married, they even arranged for a free room inside the hotel for the bride & groom. In terms of decor, I think this is one of the nicer spaces you'll find amongst the Chinese restaurants in Manhattan that stay true to the cuisine. Definitely appropriate for wedding parties--Chinese or western.

          I believe S. Dynasty used to be co-owned by Jimmy Sung, but they parted ways years back. My sister had her wedding banquet at Jimmy Sung's, and compared to S.D., I liked S.D. better. The food was tastier and seemed more authentic (Hong Kong style Cantonese), and the service was 10 times better. I recall the waiters being somewhat surly at J.S., and they rushed the diners through the meal. They brought out the first four courses simultaneously, and then started clearing the guests' plates before people were done eating. I had to intervene on behalf of my sister. However, that was about 8 years ago, so I can't vouch for the present state of their service.

          S.D. had a nicely paced meal, and the manager was very hands-on throughout the banquet (...of course, my father slipped him a little tip before the banquet--which is customary at any large event when you want to ensure an extra smooth service). To this day, the manager still remembers my brother and family whenever we go there for dinner.

          Hope this helps, and congrats in advance.