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Feb 27, 2003 09:11 AM

SF Weekly's new restaurant reviewer (or lack of)

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I thought I would give the person a few weeks , but after reading this weeks review of
Chow I have given up.
All the reviews have been on restaurants that have been reviewed to death. 70% of the
content is about the reviewer and the rest is very poorly written. She seems to have
no knowledge of food and ...well read for yourself. Where did this person come
from???? Certainly not SF. She should do some research instead of flitting arnd
wasting SF Weekly's money. In my opinion the Rachael R. of SF.

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  1. you talking about meredith brody, she's of la, she used to work at the new times los angeles until the new times was bought out by the la weekly. also, other movie critics and other reviewers are now at your sf weekly like robert wilonsky, gregory weinkauf,etc.

    1. Agreed. She really steams my clams! With all the out-of-work food writers in this city, does the New Times really need to hire someone who hasn't been in SF since the late '80s? Reallocating employees during a layoff is admirable, but only if it makes sense from a business standpoint. Brody go home!

      1. I feel the same, I'd like to give her a chance, but when the review does not discuss the restaurants or food until 1/3rd or more into the column, someone has lost sight of the point, her or the editor, and I begin to resent the run down of the details of her life.

        I do think she writes well and I might not mind if she was given more space, although I just skim down until the food talk begins. As it is, she runs out of room to discuss the restaurants. There is usually a paragraph crammed with a straight list of dishes ordered and very little about them, if any, even if she liked them.

        Perhaps, she thinks like Paul R., of the Guardian who says revieweing is more about the writing than the food or eating or whatever. This kind of thinking gets you the horrible cheap eats Dan L column, in same publication. He just want loads of cheap food and does not care much beyond that (you can use his review as an AVOID list) Mostly it is about him too, but I hate his writing. I guess I am the only one, though becuse he has actually squeezed a couple books out of the gig, which is totally mystifying to me.

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          Kathleen Mikulis

          As soon as I read "but when the review does not discuss the restaurants or food until 1/3rd or more into the column, someone has lost sight of the point" I immediately thought of Dan Leone's "Cheap Eats" column so I was glad you touched on that as well.

          I've watched Leone's column slowly deteroriate from talking about the restaurant in question for 1/2 of the article to 1/3 and now even less. My uh... "favorite" thing Leone does lately is talk in detail about some food he got somewhere else, and then in the last paragraph half mention some fried rice he picked up to go (and reheated later) at the place listed at the end of the article - the place he ostensibly "reviewed."

          1. re: Kathleen Mikulis

            What do you mean by "the Rachel R. of SF"? Who's Rachel R?

        2. I know this string is old, but how can we get rid of this Brody lady? Geez she's awful. Thankfully the Guardian has Paul Reidinger. I'm hoping that our fellow CH Robert Lauriston gets the gig full time !!!