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Feb 28, 2006 03:07 PM

University Place goings-on

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A busy couple of blocks:

La Baguette Shop (between 12th and 13th) is closed as of today, they were ripping the place up and putting everything into a rental truck this morning. I had heard from the owner that they would be moving somewhere else in the 'hood due to the rent skyrocketing. He was nowhere to be seen today, though. Any news on the move, or on what's moving in?

Jack Bistro (corner of 11th) finally opened yesterday in the old Lemongrass Grill space. Any early reports? The interior looks nicer than I expected, but no menu posted outside yet. I'm not holding out hopes for great food here.

Peeked inside what will become Saigon Spice (between 11th and 12th, old Healthy Pleasures space) and the interior looks close to being finished. I wouldn't be surprised if it opened within a month. It's huge. They'll need to build more dorms to get enough NYU kids to fill it up.

Also, word is that Spice (Thai on corner of 10th), University Restaurant (diner on corner of 12th), and the D'agostinos between 10th and 11th will all be closing within a year or two. Any confirmation?

Nearby, any reports on the new Meixcan place that recently opened on 12th st. near Broadway (old Terra 47/Other Foods space)?

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  1. I don't see why Spice would be closing, there are literally dozens of (mostly) NYU kids pouring out of that place every night. Maybe if they were moving into a bigger location...

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    1. re: Jay

      I've heard that the building isn't renewing their lease because of some unspecified complaints. Nothing to do with a lack of business, obviously.

      1. re: Jay

        always liked the coffee at la baguette shop---owner did say he would stay in area; any sightings out there

      2. Mexican on 12th is a branch of West Village Mexicana Mama, which is highly regarded and one of me and my wife's favorites. We just read it in NY Magazine and are very excited, although we haven't gone yet.

        1. Update: D'ag's got a new lease. Spice isn't going anywhere; it's a license to print mony, Jack turned out to be a bland bust. Everyone I know went once, was underwhelmed and never returned. It didn't help that when it was 102 degrees, they had all the doors & windows open and AC disabled. No sign of the Mexican joint mentioned...

          1. Jack's is finally settling into its stride, one year on, though there were times it looked it wouldn't make it even that far. Not a world beater but a pleasant enough neighbourhood place for a decent plate of food and a friendly drink.

            1. Does anyone know about a new coffee shop opening on University? Also any word on Ceder?

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              1. re: maxine

                Grey Dog Cafe from Carmine St. is opening a satellite on Univ. Pl. It will be welcomed, given their good soups and sandwiches.

                1. re: sing me a bar

                  Anyone know if dogs will be allowed inside?

                2. re: maxine

                  The second floor of Cedar is being turned into apartments and another six floors of apartments being built on top of that. No idea what is happening the the bar, but somehow feel it all doesn't bode well. If the bar itself isn't a landmark, it should be.