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Feb 20, 2006 06:51 PM

In search of Cabbage Soup

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I've been craving cabbage soup- sweet and sour tomato and cabbage. Anyone know where I can find some?

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  1. Acc. to menupages, you can get cabbage soup every day at Veselka's, on 2nd Av. & 9th St. At Teresa's, on 1st Av., b/t 6th & 7th Sts., it's the soup special on Wednesdays.

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    1. re: RGR

      i'm not sure it's the sweet-sour-tomatoey soup the OP was looking for, though. i love veselka's borscht.

      1. re: hobokeg

        Yes, the cabbage soup at Veselka is fabulous but does not have tomato in it. I believe it is potatoes, cabbage, sauerkraut, and pork. Highly recommended even without the tomatoes!

    2. I had delicious cabbage soup like you described at the Cafe Edison ("Polish Tea Room"). Not sure whether it was a special or if they have it every day.

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        david sprague

        i've always loved the cabbage soup at B & H Dairy on 2nd ave/7th street. just the right balance of sweet and sour for me. good challah, too!

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          I second that. It's my favorite soup there. I didn't find any sour notes though, but I guess I prefer it that way. Excellent thick buttered challah, mmmmm.

        2. If on the UES, PJ Bernstein's on 3rd Ave/ 70-71 has it often, perhaps every day. Quite good.

          1. I've had the Brent's soup, which really is acceptable. Problem for me is the atmosphere - I remember going to a place called The Bagle which was on S. Fairfax (right below Olympic) not too far from the Carthay neighborhood. The place was a hangout for me for weekend breakfast - bagels and cabbage soup.

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            1. re: boyfood

              Holy Cow! Resurrect a 3-year-old thread by giving a recommendation 3,000 miles away from where the OP was asking for!? That's impressive.