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Feb 20, 2006 09:25 AM

Michael Lomonaco's new restaurant

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I know this is old news, but I just heard about Michael Lomonaco's new restaurant opening in the Time Warner Center - when is it expected to open & is he working with the rest of the team from Windows?

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  1. Possible he might bring along some friends from the old days. Word is that it will be an American-style, steak and seafood type restaurant much like Grill 23 in Boston.

    1. Visited Porter House in the Time Warner Center a few weeks ago with my wife and a group of four friends. Gave the menu--and the wine list--a thorough test. Our entrees were excellent--way beyond what we would have expected from a restaurtant still in its shake-down stage (just a few weeks old at the time). And our choices were varied--two strip steaks, one rib-eye, one monkfish, one trout, one lamb chop. Six very happy customers. The sides were imaginative and even whimsical (the macaroni and cheese was a real hit). The desserts were good enough to be outlawed in states that are uncomfortable with the concept of unexpected delights. And the wine selections--good price mix with good selections--kept pace throughout the. Gourmonster's comparison with Grill 23 was valid with one exception: Oddly, though Porter House is much larger than the Boston restaurant, it is also much quieter. Wait staff in both places very attentive.

      1. I dined at Porter House soon after it opened. Because I was dining alone, I ate at the bar and had a wonderful experience. The sirloin was excellent as was the attentive service. By far, it was one of the better steaks I have had in a while.