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Feb 18, 2006 03:30 PM

Jean-Georges question

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I just called to make a lunch reservation for Jean-Georges next Friday, and the reservationist asked me "Formal or Casual?"....I said "Formal", thinking that "Casual" meant the Nougatine room?

I looked on their website and Jean-Georges and Nougatine have the same phone number, so I'm inclined to think I'm correct, but...does anyone have any other information? I really want to try the Jean Georges lunch that this board seems to be so fond of!! :)

Anyone been there for lunch recently? Any recommendations?


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  1. I have been to both and if it's the true JG experience you want, then you chose correctly, IMO.

    I love the food but JG can be a bit fussy and stuck up. Usually, there is a bit of the iceberg melt as the meal progresses but it has put me off at first. Of recent, I have skipped it for more cozy, comfy dining at other high end restaurants like Bouley and Aureole.

    1. I think you are right about "formal" meaning JG. My friend had a similar experience when she made our lunch reservations. You definitely chose correctly, even though they are only a half-wall apart, JG is far superior.

      1. You are in luck...Jean Georges for lunch has to be one of the best food deals in the city. It’s a sort of create-your-own tasting menu deal where you chose as many dishes as you want (3 is probably the minimum). They are each $13 or something like that. I thought the plates would be small, but they are actually surprisingly big. I liked my lunch there (much) better than lunch at Per Se, and I think I spent about a fourth as much. I don't understand where the "stuffy" reputation comes from. I've been to Jean Georges 3 times and had fun each time. Per Se, on the other hand, made me feel like I was in a strict nun’s grammar-school classroom.

        I KNOW that $60 is not a "deal" in the conventional sense of the word. But, to me at least, its a pretty affordable way to try top-end NYC dining.

        1. Hey. Two related questions. I made reservations for a Saturday and was asked formal or casual...does this mean they do a non-Nougatine lunch on Saturday, or do they just use the space and serve the Nougatine menu? Second, is that tasting plate option only available for lunch? On the obviously outdated menu on Zagat there is no indication that it's lunch only but pricewise it would seem it must be.

          1. Just went to JG (not Nougatine) a few weeks ago for lunch. Excellent! A 2-course prix fix (with many choices) for $28 plus $12 for each additional dish. Dessert also extra ($8 if I recall correctly) but fantastic.