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Feb 16, 2006 02:21 PM

place for bachelorette party (& drinks after)

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i'm looking for a dinner rec for a bachelorette party (9 or 10 people). not interested in a private room...

what would be ideal is a place that strikes a balance between a fun/visually appealing atmosphere AND good food.

any recommendations for venues near the rec'd restaurant are welcome, too.


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  1. Stanton Social; THOR. Trendy, stylish places with decent food.

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    1. re: chowgal

      Thanks. Already checked Stanton Social which was booked, and I'm not too keen on THOR.

      Have never really been to all the Meatpacking District restaurants, any reviews on those?

    2. Mangia y Bevi is a fun atmosphere that specializes in bachelorette parties. The food is nothing special --pretty decent standard red sauce Italian, but its supposed to be a lot of fun. Depends on what type of scene you are looking for....

      lots of bars in hell's kitchen to hit afterwards.

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        This has got to be tackiest, crassest, crappiest food and crowd I have ever seen in NYC. It is a B&T Bachelorette Factory. I know it may sound like it, but I am not exaggerating. You will literally be greeted by 5 long white stretch limos parked outside with groups of big haired B&T women, wearing veils, sucking on penis lollipops. DISGUSTING.

        1. re: poppa

          The above post is not an exaggeration. Even walking past it makes me want to vomit.

          1. re: tamasha

            I had my bachelorette party here -- I had nothing to do with the planning, and it's probably not what I would have chosen, but I live in the neighborhood. The big issue -- they host a LOT of bachelorette parties here and it's a very cramped space. Bachelorette parties don't leave quickly, but they'll take reservations as though they do. This place is good if you're into total kitsch and dancing on the tables. I am not, so my bridesmaids had a bit of trouble getting me into it. (For drinks after, we went to Flute, which is a little more my thing.) There's DEFINITELY a big B & T presence here, which is also not my thing. But they do know how to do bachelorette parties -- it's their thing.

            I didn't think the food was totally awful, but I'm not rushing to go back either.

            I think Highline suggested below is a great option. It's affordable even for a large group which makes splitting checks a breeze. Ask for the upstairs area, which is a lot quieter but still enough fun for a bachelorette party.

      2. Try Highline...its Thai in the Meatpacking District. Then you can go to the clubs in the area or Chelsea. Its a bachelorette party so you'll want to go all out and be wild.

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          1. surprisingly, we had a great time at Duvet for a bachelorette evening! It was something different, the food was actually pretty good and we spent less than $100 pp w/ cocktails and wine. We were all a little uptight at first when were on this bed but after a few drinks we were having a great time. It turns into a club at 11 (? i think) - looking back we should have just stayed there instead of leaving to go to another club. I'm more of a lounge person than club person, so i can't say whether it was a "good" club or not. But it was fun!