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Feb 15, 2006 12:18 PM


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any bagel that's comparable to H&H bagels?
I love H&H bagels but it's just too far.

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    1. re: margaret

      that's right..=)
      midtown west, east village area please.

      1. re: mac

        Not much of note in midtown west besides H&H. You might try Ess-A-Bagel on 21st and 1st, though the bagels are very different ((much denser) than H&H. Also, my favorite bagel in the city is from Murray's, which has branches at 22nd at 8th, and 13th at 6th.

        1. re: a&w

          hot out of the oven onion bagel from ess-a-bagel, 21st and first,= dinner for four...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

        2. re: mac

          If you are in the east village, you must go to David's on 14th & 1st.

          I moved from the EV to Hell's Kitchen and I cannot really find a decent bagel near me.

          1. re: CDB

            Everyone has different preferences when it comes to bagels it seems. I didn't like H&H the one time I tried them. Like most of the bad bagels I've tried around the city, they were too bready rather than doughy.

            I've been trying to find good bagels in midtown. I'd heard recommendations for Pick-a-Bagel, one of which is near me. But I thought they were pretty bad, also bready. Then I tried Times Square Hot Bagels on w. 44th and broadway and was super surprised to find that they are rather decent - fairly doughy like I like 'em.

            1. re: allkindsoffood

              I'm not such a fan of H&H -- or for that matter Ess-A-Bagel. I prefer Murray's...

              1. re: allkindsoffood

                Yes! Times Square Hot Bagels is Columbia Bagels. (See my post below.)

              2. re: CDB

                I'm partial to H&H myself. There is one in Hell's Kitchen on 46th right by the river.

                1. re: chris

                  too far for in the 50s by stuck with either Pick a Bagel on 57th & 7th or Biggie Bagel on 57th & 10th.

                  NOt the best, but not terrible either

                2. re: CDB

                  I know. :( I live in the Kitchen as well and spent my first year there in denial that there weren't good bagels - have now just come to accept it. No one on 9th knows how to toast a bagel, it's burnt and flattened city.
                  Must be especially hard for you coming from the EV!

            2. Have you tried TAL on the Eastside?

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              1. help! I am a New Yorker living in Mississippi -- nobody here knows nothin' about bagels. I have tried to make at home but they shrivel while baking. I have heard that high-gluten flour is the key. Can you advise? thanks!

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                1. re: dchessin

                  Don't waste your time. Contact your old NYC favorite and have them air out 1 or 2 dozen. They freeze very well for a few months if stored right. Just let them thaw, reheat in a 300 degree oven, and kvell. What the heck, it's only money.

                  1. re: pizzafreak

                    You're right...I need to just do it. I appreciate the advice!

                2. H&H is overrated. Absolute is absolutely the best!

                  1. I also live in HK and agree that nothing comes close to my fave, which is Murray's. I'll suck it up and head to Bagel Stix (formerly Pick a Bagel) every once in a while.