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Feb 15, 2006 08:50 AM

what are your favorite dishes at nyc restaurant's?

  • j

i was just curious what everyone's favorite dishes (not meals) were at nyc's restaurant's? i'll start it off...

i love the gnoccheti with wild boar ragu at assenzio on 4th b/t a&b. it may be one of my most favorite dishes in manhattan. the gnocceti is perfectly cooked and the ragu has a great earthy flavor with carrots and potatoes.

i also love one of the dessert's at suba: they are little sugared donuts with warm milk chocolate in the middle. i don't remember the name, but wow are the incredible!

anyone else care to share?

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  1. c

    I love the Gnudi at The Spotted Pig and the Orange Sour Cream Donuts w/Mexican hot chocolate at Good.

    1. i love pork dishes at Lupa.
      also love pork chops at lanan.
      omg, i didnt know i was such a pork lover.

      1. Avocado toast at Cafe Gitane
        Grilled Corn at Cafe Habana
        The Lobster Roll at Mermaid Inn
        The Spotted Pig Burger and Gnudi
        The meatballs at 'Inoteca
        Steak Frites at Pastis

        The list can go on...

        1. veal/sweatbread wrapped in cabbage dish at I'm craving it again.

          giant tempura prawns at Honmura An

          steak burritos at rocking horse

          1. The roasted organic chicken at Gramercy Tavern (or anything I've ever tasted there)

            The Alaskan Black Cod, marinated overnight in honey and vinegar and roasted in a blistering oven, at BLT Fish

            The burnt ends of brisket at R.U.B.

            Tandoori venison at Tamarind

            The frîtes and boudin noir at Les Halles

            The crab cake at Four Seasons

            The seafood sausage at Chanterelle

            The garlic bread/gorgonzola fondue at Michael Jordan's

            Turbot with comté crust in champagne sauce at Le Perigord

            Sturgeon with caviar beurre blanc at Petrossian


            Cubano at Cafecito on Avenue C

            Banh Mi at the Broome Street purveyor

            The Shack Burger at Shake Shack (I'm counting the days till March 15)

            The New York Special (prosciutto, provolone, mortadella, salami, roasted pepper, mushrooms) at the Italian Food Center on Grand Street


            The Cubano at Spanish-American Food on E. 13th St.

            Stuffed jalapeños at The Alamo

            Alsatian "pizza" at Lutèce (under Soltner)

            Fresh fettucine with sautéed cod cheeks, tomato confit, and asparagus tips, wound through with sevruga caviar at La Fourchette (Marc Murphy)

            Beignets filled with bittersweet chocolate at Tam-Tam

            Boned lamb rack wrapped in a lamb's caul, slathered with ratatouille, then wrapped tightly with bok choy at Tatou (Neal Myers)

            I, too, could go on . . . .