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Feb 12, 2006 11:56 AM

ginger update

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good news: ginger was open when i walked by last night.

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  1. I walked into Ginger yesterday. There were hippies everywhere and terrible music playing. The menu is vague and fusiony, with Chinese overtones. A lot of veggies and tofu. I ordered beef and ginger and scallions, then went over to the crappy chinese place (with bulletproof glass) and ordered the same thing. Did taste test at home -- Ginger skimped on meat and charged double. The other one was actually better.

    Anyway, I hate Ginger. But I have a prejudice against anything that smells of hippies, new agers, or tofu-eating.

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    1. re: echoparkdirt

      Is this the new place in Harlem? Thanks for your post.

      1. re: MMRuth

        Not so new--it's probably been around about a year. It's on 116th st at 5th Ave. Way more style than substance, though I'd say the aesthetic is much more glamorous than hippy-ish; i felt decidedly unbeautiful there.

        Food was good, but not great, and decidedly less that what I'd expect at their prices. There's a lot of hype about them being "healthy" but I'd say the oil level was on par with or higher than usual restaurant fare.

        For Harlem eats, I'd recommend Florence's or La Marmite. Neither is glamorous, both are scruffy, and both have excellent food.

    2. i was actually talking about the sushi place in the east village.