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Feb 6, 2006 11:36 PM

New BYOB's?

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Hi there.

I'm looking for any new (the past year) no-corkage-fee restaurants in Manhattan, especially French/Italian/American.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Jeeb- thai- Orchard Street
    Zucco- Le French Diner- Orchard Street (note: very small space)

    1. Not sure what is new but this is a pretty good list of what is out there. Where applicable the corkage fee is shown

      A Café Columbus 106/107 UWS Free
      Afghan Kebab House 764 9th Ave / 51st Midtown West free
      Afghan Kebab House 2nd Ave / 70th UES free
      Angelo's 55th/2nd Midtown East $15
      AOC Bedford 14 Bedford West Village
      Artisanal 2 Park Ave Murray Hill $25
      Barbetta 321 West 46th St Midtown West $15
      Beppe 45 East 22nd St Flatiron $25
      Blue Hill
      Café Loup 105 W 13th 6th/7th West Village
      CAFE SPICE 72 UNIVERSITY PLACE West Village $7 per person
      Cesca UWS $15
      Chantarelle 2 Harrison St Tribeca $35
      Compass 208 West 70th St UWS $20
      Craft Flatiron $30
      Django Midtown East
      Dylan Prime Tribeca $20
      Eleven Madison Park Flatiron $20
      Fairway UWS $10
      Giorgio's Of Gramercy 27 East 21st Flatiron $15
      Gotham Bar and Grill West Village $45
      Gramercy Tavern Flatiron $20
      I Coppo 432 East 9th St East Village $15
      Ivo and Lulu 558 Broome @ Varick Tribeca
      Keens 72 West 38th St Midtown West $20
      La Cantina Toscana 1109 1st Ave UES $15
      La Grolla UWS $15
      Le Bernadin Midtown West
      Le Tableau 5th St A/B East Village No Corkage Tuesdays
      Le Zie 7th Ave @21st/22nd Chelsea $15
      Les Sans Culottes 1085 2nd @57th Midtown East $8
      Manhattan Grill 1161 1st Ave UES
      Mas $30
      Mortons Steakhouse 551 Fifth Ave Midtown West $15
      Nice Matin 201 West 79th UWS $25
      North Square West Village $10
      One If By Land, Two if By Sea West Village $25
      Ouest Bdway 83/84 UWS $20
      Philip Marie 569 Hudson St West Village $10
      PicNic Broadway 101st/102nd UWS $5
      Poke 85th @ 2nd UES None
      Red Cat 10th Ave 23/24 Chelsea $20
      Sip Sak 2nd 49th/50th Midtown East free
      Spotted Pig
      Tabla Flatiron $15
      Tartine W11th @ W 4th West Village none
      Taste 3rd @ 80th UES
      Tout Va Bien 51st 8th/9th Midtown West
      Triomphe Midtown West $25
      Ultimate Pasta 57th/1st Midtown East
      Union Square Café Union Square $20
      Vice Versa 51st / 8th Midtown West $10
      Wondee Siam 9th 52nd/53rd Midtown West $10
      York Grill 1690 York @ 89th UES $10
      Zoe 90 Prince - Bdwy/Mercer SOHO $15

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      1. re: dyre

        One note - Craft is now $45 corkage, up from $30. Seems a little ridiculous but i guess they just have to get their money.

      2. Alex Garcia's new spot, Novo is BYOB for now. I'd suggest going soon. I had pretty good short rib on opening night.


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        1. re: josh L

          why did you attach that link? it is political, has nothing to do with food!

        2. The Orchard on the LES

          1. New Italian restaurant on 77th Street between Second and Third...have not tried it yet.